Events 2007

9.10.2007 CICERO-HIIT -tutkijapäivä: Oppimisen tilat ja teknologiat

HIIT järjestää yhdessä CICERO Learning -verkoston tutkijapäivän 9.10.2007 klo 13.00-16.00 Exactumissa C222 tutustumis- ja verkottumistarkoituksessa.

Alustava ohjelma

Oppimisen tilat ja teknologiat


9.10.2007 The NordicHIP seminar

HIIT will organise on 9.10.2007 the NordicHIP seminar on themes on the Host Identity Protocol and the related internetworking themes. For more information, please contact Miika Komu. The seminar will be held in HIIT Spektri office.

Seminar programme:

Oleg Ponomarev: Bind/DNS experiments
Antti Louko: HIP DNS Proxy + demo
Samu Varjonen: HIP DHT Interface + demo?
Miika Komu: NAT traversal
Joakim Koskela: P2P SIP ovat HIP + demo
Andrey Lukuanenko: Hi3 + demo
Dmitry Korzun: Cyclic routing
Laura Takkinen: HIP Privacy + demo

2.10.2007: HIIT-NRC Seminar

The HIIT-NRC seminar was held at Nokia Research Center. The objective of the event was to increase the transparency between HIIT and the Core Technology Centers of NRC. Some 20 persons were in attendance. [Seminar programme and materials]

28.9.2007 HIIT Seminar: Samuel Kaski

HIIT seminars in fall 2007 will be held in hall **B222** of Exactum,
on Fridays starting at 10:15 a.m. Coffee available from 10.

Sep 28:
  Samuel Kaski
  Relevance in Data Fusion and Visualization

27.9.2007: Finland-ICSI Center for Novel Internet Architectures launch at ICSI

The launch event of the Finland-ICSI Center for Novel Internet Architectures (FICNIA) will be held in the International Computer Science Institute (ICSI) in Berkeley, California.