COIN Highlight Talks and Posters

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2015-09-02 11:00 to 16:00
T Building, Lecture room T2 & 3rd floor (posters)

COIN Centre-of-Excellence Highlight Talks and Posters

The researchers of the COIN CoE will present highlights of recent work by giving talks, and presenting poster, videos, and demos.

Programme (note changes from the email version)

11.00 Opening of the highlight talk session, Lecture room T2, Teemu Roos

          Presentations by poster and video award winners, T2
11.05 "Group factor analysis" Eemeli Leppäaho et al.
11.20 "Speech technology for under-resourced languages" Mikko Kurimo et al.
11.35 "MRPT algorithm" Teemu Pitkänen & Ville Hyvönen
11.50 Break (5min)

           Presentations continued, T2
11.55 "PHMMs for indoor trajectories" Aditya Jitta
12.10 "Do-calculus when the true graph is unknown" Antti Hyttinen et al.
12.25 "Deep semantic pyramids for human attributes and action recognition" Fahad Shahbaz Khan et al.

          Poster session, 3rd floor corridor
13.30 Poster session commences
14.00 Spotlights by same presenters as above (by the posters)
14.10 Poster sessions continues
16.00 End of the event

Video and Poster Competition

As a part of the event, COIN organized a scientific video and poster competition. The top three of each category, selected by a programme committee, were selected to give highlight talks. Most of the videos are available on the HIIT Youtube channel. A list of posters selected for presentation is at the end of this page.

1st Prize (Videos): "Speech technology for under-resourced languages"
by Aalto Speech Recognition Research Group (team: Kurimo, Smit, Karhila, Enarvi, Leinonen, Mansikkaniemi, Remes, Varjokallio, Leino, Grönroos)

2nd Prize (Videos) (shared between two contestants with equal votes):
"PHMMs for Indoor Trajectories" by Aditya Jitta (supervisor: A. Klami)
"MRPT algorithm" by Teemu Pitkänen and Ville Hyvönen (supervisor: T. Roos)

1st Prize (Posters): "Group Factor Analysis"
by Eemeli Leppäaho, Seppo Virtanen, Suleiman A. Khan, Arto Klami, and Samuel Kaski

2nd Prize (Posters): "Do-Calculus when the True Graph is Unknown"
by Antti Hyttinen, Frederick Eberhardt, and Matti Järvisalo

3rd Prize (Posters): "Deep Semantic Pyramids for Human Attributes and Action Recognition"
by Fahad Shahbaz Khan, Rao Muhammad Anwer, Joost van de Weijer, Michael Felsberg, and Jorma Laaksonen

Other videos:

"Inferring user attention using eye-tracking glasses" by Cristina Gonzalez-Caro, Hamed R-Tavakoli, Jorma Laaksonen and Markus Koskela
"Learning GGMs with FMPL" by Janne Leppä-aho (supervisor: T. Roos)
"Gaussian process test for high-throughput sequencing time series" by Hande Topa, Agnes Jonas, Robert Kofler, Carolin Kosiol, and Antti Honkela
"BIC like model selection" by Yuan Zou (supervisor: T. Roos)

The event is open for everyone.


   Teemu Roos
   Maria Lindqvist

Programme Committee (Chair T. Roos):
   Paul Blomstedt
   Martin Gebser
   Pekka Parviainen
   Hamed R-Tavakoli
   Shahab Tasharrofi

List of posters to be presented (in no particular order, by first author):
1. Koponen, Laura    Answer set programming for phylogenetic supertrees
2. Ramirez Lopez, Ana    Designing multichannel source separation based on single-channel source separation
3. Berg, Jeremias    Improving the Effectiveness of SAT-Based Preprocessing for MaxSAT
4. Bomanson, Jori   Normalizing Cardinality & Weight Rules
5. Daee, Pedram    Exploratory Search as Coupled Multi-armed Bandits
6. Das, Mrinal    Privacy-Aware Learning
7. Eugster, Manuel    Predicting Term-Relevance from Brain Signals
8. Hyttinen, Antti    Do calculus when the true graph is unknown
9. Leppäaho, Eemeli    Group Factor Analysis
10. Määttä, Jussi    Subset Selection in Linear Regression using Sequentially Normalized Least Squares
11. Marttinen, Pekka    Bayesian reduced rank regression for assessing multivariate gene-metabolome associations
12. Pyykkö, Joel    Using Deep Neural Networks to Learn Instant Distance Metrics
13. Shahbaz Khan, Fahad    Deep semantic pyramids for human attributes and action recognition
14. Pandey, Binda    Finding POMDP policies with SAT + graphs
15. Klami, Arto    Latent feature regression formultivariate count data
16. Chen, Yi    MemEx
17. Raiko, Tapani    Techniques for Learning Binary Stochastic Feedforward Neural Networks
18. Lintusaari, Jarno    On the identifiability of transmission dynamic models for infectious diseases
19. Peltola, Tomi    Data Integration for Survival Analysis
20. Remes, Ulpu       Bounded conditional mean imputation with observation uncertainties and acoustic model adaptation
21. Tasharrofi, Shahab    SAT-to-SAT
22. Yang, Zhirong    Majorization-Minimization for Manifold Embedding

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