HIIT workshop to find inter-university topics for new HIIT programmes

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Doctoral dissertation
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2015-12-17 13:00 to 14:00
B120, Exactum, Kumpula

Dear personnel of the CS department,

please join the HIIT workshop on 17 Dec 13-14 o'clock at B120, Exactum, to discuss HIIT's new research areas: please suggest suitable topics for inter-university collaboration. See below for more information. No registration needed.

Please note a somewhat similar event is arranged at Otaniemi, Open Innovation House, on 27 Nov at 13-16 o'clock (of which 13-14:15 o'clock is reserved for a discussion on HIIT's administrative merge to the Aalto CS department). You are free to join any event.

HIIT will renew its research programmes in the spring 2016. HIIT prefers to support areas which require joining the computer science expertise of both Aalto University and University of Helsinki: problems that are too challenging for any single research group or department. HIIT's new thematic programmes will be:

  • scientifically top-level, and
  • potentially high impact, and
  • cross-cutting/interdisciplinary/collaborative, and
  • temporally bounded (e.g. 5 years), and
  • either strategically planned together with the host universities (top-down), or driven by motivations/challenges defined by the key ICT researchers (bottom-up, blue-sky), or both.

HIIT’s vision is that by 2030, Helsinki ICT as a brand is on top of Europe.
HIIT’s mission includes:

  • To combine top ICT research of Aalto University and University of Helsinki into a positive collaborating critical mass forming a strong Helsinki ICT brand.
  • To launch new big research initiatives as research programmes, on strategic topics and “blue-sky” spearheads.
  • Interdisciplinary applications are a core part of the actions; HIIT is a key player in several major activities related to digitalization.


Petri Myllymäki, Director of HIIT

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