25 Nov 08: ICT 2008 - Future Internet Socio-Economics

Networking session "Future Internet Socio-Economics"
Time: 25 Nov 2008 14:00-15:30
Place: ICT 2008, Lyon, France

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Many underlying issues plaguing the present Internet are economic in origin For instance, unwanted traffic (malware and spam) is inevitable if sending traffic is easy and cheap, while protection from unwanted traffic is expensive and complex.

A sustainable solution should change this balance to the favor of the recipient. This requires new insights into Internet architecture combined with socio-economic modeling, experimentation, and analysis.

HIIT organises Future Internet Socio-Economics networking session at ICT 2008. It provides a forum for researchers in industry and academia to discuss socio-economical research into the Future Internet.

The session will investigate several potential lines of such work:

  • How should the capital investment of building the future Internet be split?
  • How to influence the decisions and behaviors of the different stakeholders to make best use of Internet capacity and resources?
  • How to create an efficient market for distributed resources (network storage, caching)?
  • Economics of privacy and trust.

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