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21.-23.11.2006: The IST 2006 conference will be held in Helsinki at the Helsinki Fair Centre. HIIT will present two stands in the conference exhibition, presenting the results of the ALVIS project and the Merkitys-Meaning system developed in the Context project.

past events

29.10.-2.11.2006: Naming and Addressing for Next-Generation Internetworks, Schloss Dagstuhl. Doc. Andrei Gurtov from HIIT co-chaired the event.

18.9.2006: Dr. Johan Pouwelse from Delft University of Technology visited visiting HIIT and gave the talk Tribler - a new peer-to-peer system at 13:15. The event was held in HIIT Ruoholahti, 6th floor, Pinta building, Tammasaarenkatu 3.

28.-31.8.2006: Professor Bharat Bhargava from Purdue Universty visited HIIT's Trustworthy Internet project. In association with the visit, he gave a HeCSE course on Trust, Privacy, and Security issues in modern distributed systems.

6.-8.7.2006: The IIIA - 2006: International Workshop on Intelligent Information Access was held in the Marina Congress Center, Helsinki. HIIT is one of the co-sponsors of the event.

17.-18.6.2006: The European Network of Excellence PASCAL, the University of Helsinki, Helsinki University of Technology and HIIT co-arranged the seminar Probabilistic Modeling and Machine Learning in Structural and Systems Biology in Gustavelund, Tuusula.

9.6.2006: EduGRID Project Proposal Seminar. The objective of the seminar was to communicate to companies and research partners about the new research initiative EduGRID. More information in Finnish. The event was held in HIIT's premises in Ruoholahti, 6th floor, Friday 9th, June 2006 at 13-15.

5.6.2006: HIIT's Global Network Society project and the Policy Network co-arranged the seminar Future of European Social Models: Is it a tragedy play or a success story? Speakers of the event included Professor Anthony Giddens, Foreign Minister Erkki Tuomioja, and Professor Pekka Himanen. For information, please contact Prof. Pekka Himanen.

31.5.2006: Collaborative Video Workshop by Erik Blankinship from MIT Medialab was held. The workshop looked into the tools and concepts for remixing video content. The event was held in HTC Helsinki / Pinta at 13:00-17:00. For more information, please contact to Kai Kuikkaniemi.

22.-23.5.2006: The annual HIIT Retreat event was held in Haukilammen toimintakeskus. The prime topic discussed was be the new research programme structure of HIIT, its content and implications.


11.5.2006: HIIT Board Meeting 2/2006 was held in HTC Ruoholahti, Pinta, 5th floor meeting room at 14:00-16:00.

27.4.2006: Meeting on HIIT's Research Strategy and Research Programmes was held in HTC Ruoholahti/ Pinta, 6th floor at 14:15.

1.3.2006: HIIT held a seminar on "New Everyday Information Society" (Uusi arjen tietoyhteiskunta) related to a study on the influence of new information and communications technology on society awarded to a HIIT-led consortium by the Ministry of Communications and Transportation. Programme and materials are available. (In Finnish only.)

15.2.2006: HIIT Board Meeting 1/2006 was held in Department of Computer
Science, University of Helsinki, Exactum Kumpula at 9:30-11:30.

12.1.2006: HIIT's MC2 project organised a special interest group session on virtual worlds and virtual consumerism: the buying and selling of game objects and other virtual assets and services for real money. Programme and materials available.

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The CoSCo research group arranges a weekly seminar. The seminar is also open to interested visitors.

The UERG group arranges a research seminar on themes of interest to the group. Visitors are welcome.

hiit retreat

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