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15.-17.11.2004: The second meeting of the Scientific Advisory Board of HIIT was held in Kumpula and Ruoholahti.

11.11.2004: OpenMind seminar 2004 2004 at Tampere. HIIT, Tekes and COSS organised a one-day seminar of open source and open content.

24.10.2004: HIIT's User Experience Research Group (UERG) researchers co-organized a workshop on HCI Issues in Proactive Computing at NordiCHI'04 conference in Tampere, Finland.

12.10.2004: The HIIT ARU 2005 Portfolio Seminar was held in HTC, Ruoholahti at 13:00-17:00. The seminar described ideas for new research project planned to launch in 2005 currently in preparation.

29.9.2004: The Industrial Advisory Board of HIIT met in HTC, Ruoholahti at 14:00-17:00. The main topic of the meeting was discussion on HIIT's strategy for 2005-2010.

2.-3.9.2004: In connection with the annual meeting of the Finnish AI Society (Tekoälytutkimuksen päivät 2004), HIIT co-sponsored a seminar on Web Intelligence to be held in the Heureka Science Park, Helsinki. Organisers included professor Eero Hyvönen from UH and HIIT.

23.8.2004: In connection with the visit of prof. Marc Davis from University of Calfornia at Berkeley, HIIT arranged workshop on Mobile Media.


21.-24.6.2004: The Fourth Berkeley-Helsinki Workshop on Telecommunications Service Architectures was held in University of California at Berkeley. The workshop was led by Professor Kimmo Raatikainen of HIIT and Professor Randy Katz of UC Berkeley.

31.5.-2.6.2004: The HIIT Retreat was held in Sjökulla Education Centre in Kirkkonummi under the theme HIIT Retreat: Mobile Computing@HIIT. The retreat focused on the future plans of the Fuego research area.

23.10.2003: The SIMS-BCIS-HIIT Seminar on Information Society Research was held in Berkeley, California. The seminar was co-sponsored by the School of Information Management and Systems, the Berkeley Center for the Information Society, and the Helsinki Institute for Information Technology. Speakers included Prof. Hal Varian, Prof. Annalee Saxenian, and Prof. Marc Davis from UCB; Dr. Pekka Himanen from BCIS and HIIT; and Prof. Henry Tirri, Prof. Jukka Kemppinen and Dr. Marko Turpeinen from HIIT. [picture]


16.-17.10.2003: The first HIIT Scientific Advisory Board meeting was held in BRU premises at the Department of Computer Science, University of Helsinki, and ARU premises in High Tech Center, Ruoholahti.

2.10.2003: ARU Research Portfolio 2004 seminar was held at High Tech Center. The seminar presented project ideas to be developed further for submission to various funding organisations during 2003.

27.-28.8.2003: The First International Mobile IPR Workshop: Rights Management of Information Products on the Mobile Internet was held in Helsinki on August 27-28, 2003. Keynote speakers of the event included Professor Hal Varian (UC Berkeley, USA) and Professor Ross Anderson (University of Cambridge, United Kingdom). The workshop was organised by HIIT with support of TEKES through the Mobile IPR project. Proceedings of the event are available in the report series of HIIT. [pictures]

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