September 17, 2002 Seminar Materials



In preparation of coming Calls of Applications both in Finland (USIX continuation, NETS) and EU (6th Framework Program), HIIT has prepared a number of research project ideas. The objective of the seminar was to give an overview of the ideas and pave way for next stages of planning.

This page provides access to the presentation material of the seminar. For more information, please contact the presenters of the various talks.




13:00-13:10 Welcome and opening remarks, Martti Mäntylä

13:10-13:40 Mobile Computing and Communications Section

·         Testbed for Location-Enhanced Ubiquitous Mobile Services, Mikko Kontiainen

·         Personal Content Management, Ken Rimey

·         Personal Distributed Information Store, Ken Rimey

·         HIP@HIIT, Miika Komu

13:40-13:50 User Experience Group

·         MOPO: Mobile Pointing, Anu Kankainen

13:50-14:10 Media Convergence Section

·         Zenith: Horizontal Service Management, Anton Puolakka [handout]

·         OtaDigi, Petri Vuorimaa

14:10-14:30 Semantic Computing Section

·         Semantic Web Services, Eero Hyvönen

·         Thesauruses, Ontologies, Topic Maps, Eero Hyvönen

14:30-14:50 BREAK

14:50-15:20 Digital Economy Group

·         Open Content and Software Production Models, Mikko Välimäki

·         Creative Commons Finland, Herkko Hietanen

15:20-15:50 Complex System Computation Group

·         Location-dependent nomadic user profiles and their applications, Petri Myllymäki

·         Search-in-a-Box, Wray Buntine

·         OurWeb - tools for Web-based learning, Henry Tirri

15:50-16:10 Integrated research themes, Martti Mäntylä

·         Contextual Mobile Internet

·         Mobile Content Communities

·         Semantic Mobile Web Services

16:10-16:30 HIIT Plans in the 6th Framework Program, Patrik Floréen

16:30-17:00 Final Discussion and Next Steps, Martti Mäntylä


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