FIMM-HIIT Doctoral student call 2016

Open positions

Group leaders

Please find below a list of potential HIIT group leaders. You can contact the group leaders in person if you wish to get more information, but please be sure to submit your application directly at

  • Jukka Corander: Bayesian statistics group
  • Keijo Heljanko: Distributed Computing
  • Antti Honkela: Bayesian machine learning and computational systems biology; in particular modelling transcriptional regulation, and analysis of RNA-sequencing data and alternative splicing.
  • Samuel Kaski: Statistical machine learning and bioinformatics, with a focus on models for learning from multiple data sources. Applications include computational systems biology and medicine.
  • Harri Lähdesmäki: Computational systems biology 
  • Juho Rousu: Machine learning methods, models and tools for computational biology, applied to network reconstruction, gene functional classification as well as biomarker discovery.

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