Front-end developers

We are looking for front-end developers in the HIIT Digital Content Communities research group for MyData and Live Participation.

We expect that you have some competence with the modern front-end developer environments such as Bootstrap and Semantic UI. The API’s you are using in your development are mainly based on Oauth and Rest so you should have some competencies on these techniques too. Goal is that you are developing the interface for our MyData account system based on the stack developed in Aalto, University of Oulu and Technical University of Tampere, and then design developed in Aalto and University of Rovaniemi. This is a POC level system that will be used in the wild. You can influence on which UI libraries to use.

You will be recruited first for 3 months, but there is a possibility to extend the contract after this too. The positions is either full time or part time depending on your preferences. It is also possible that you write your thesis in the project. We are aiming for concrete action and because of this your work assignment has some flexibility. If you can deliver you can define your methods and constraints. If you are interested, be in contact with us and ask for more. 

What is MyData? MyData is a human-centric model for management of personal data. It is an ambitious project that has been acknowledge widely in Finland for a sustainable candidate for personal data infrastructure. We are aiming at infrastructure level system (like mobile phones and bank accounts) and not a proprietary single vendor system. At HIIT the development is related to two large strategic projects: ReKnow and DHR. Hence, by joining us you will become part of large project team and highly visible concept development network. Ultimately, your work will be focus on making practical and functional user interfaces for consent and data management.

Links to the MyData work: 

MyData report and model (in Finnish):
MyData network in Facebook:
DHR project:
Re:Know project:
HIIT homepage:

Sunday, May 31, 2015
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Aalto University
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Kai Kuikkaniemi
+358 50 543 9283

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