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  • 25.01.2013 12:00–16:00
    Defence of thesis
    University of Helsinki Main Building, Auditorium XIII, Unioninkatu 34
  • 25.01.2013 12:00–15:00
    Doctoral dissertation
    University of Helsinki Main Building, Auditorium XIII

    This thesis focuses on term weighting in short documents. I propose weighting approaches for assessing the importance of terms for three tasks: (1) document categorization, which aims to classify documents such as tweets into categories, (2) keyword extraction, which aims to identify and extract the most important words of a document, and (3) keyword association modeling,...

  • Life after yahoo! and overlapping correlation clustering

    Dr. Antti Ukkonen, HIIT


    This talk has two parts. First I discuss some personal experiences while working at Yahoo! Research in Barcelona during the past three years. This will consist of anecdotes and lessons learned while being a researcher in a large corporation. I'll also talk a bit about what it's like to return to a university after having spent time in the "industry".

    The second part is more technical. I...

  • User modeling and other computational challenges at Finnish Institute of Occupational Health

    Dr. Kai Puolamaki, Finnish Institute of Occupational Health


    This talk starts from the Finnish gross domestic product, but then focuses very soon at the Finnish Institute of Occupational Health (FIOH). The purpose of the talk is to give an overview of the research and other activities at FIOH and the problems in the fields psychology, medicine, and data analysis, as well as user...

  • 21.12.2012 13:00–15:00
    Guest lecture

    Guest Lecture:  "A survey of transliteration methods."
    Friday 21 December 2012, 13:00, room C220

    Edward Klyshinsky,
    Associative Professor,  Higher School of Economics, Department of Information Technology of Automatized Systems,
    and Keldysh Institute for Applied Mathematics of the Russian Academy of Sciences.
    Moscow, Russia

    Natural text translation process faces the problem of...

  • 17.12.2012 12:00–15:00
    Doctoral dissertation
    Main Building Auditorium XII

    Metabolism is the system of chemical reactions sustaining life in the cells of
    living organisms. In this thesis we propose four independent computational
    studies on metabolic applications. In the first study we propose the first
    optimal algorithm for determining atom-to-atom correspondences between
    reactants and products in a chemical reaction. We follow up by utilizing the...

  • 17.12.2012 12:00–16:00
    Defence of thesis
    University of Helsinki Main Building, Auditorium XII, Unioninkatu 34
  • 14.12.2012 12:15–13:00
    HIIT seminar
    Lecture hall T5, ICS building

    Abstract: Despite significant advances in omics techniques, the identification of genes causing rare genetic diseases and the understanding of the molecular networks underlying those disorders remains difficult. Gene prioritization attempts to integrate multiple, heterogeneous data sources to identify candidate genes most likely to be associated with or causative for a disorder. Such strategies are useful...

  • Hallucinating system outputs for discriminative language modeling

    Prof. Brian Roark, Oregon Health & Science University, USA


    Discriminative language modeling methods learn language model parameterizations from system outputs when applied to training data, by optimizing objective functions close to actual system objectives via algorithms such as the perceptron. Thus, for speech recognition, training data utterances are recognized with a baseline recognizer, and the...

  • M.Sc. Sami Virpioja will defend his doctoral dissertation Learning Constructions of Natural Language: Statistical Models and Evaluations on 10 December 2012 in lecture hall TU1 (TUAS building). The opponents are Prof. Brian Roark, Oregon Health & Science University, USA and Docent Krister Lindén, University of Helsinki. The custodian is Prof. Erkki Oja.

    Announcement (fi, pdf)


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