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  • 03.05.2012 12:15–13:00
    Guest lecture
    Exactum C222


    Abstract  The term “user-Centric identity management” is commonly used to denote any identity management solution that can improve the user experience compared to e.g. the traditional silo identity model. Identity federation can be described as user-centric in this sense because it can support SSO (single-sign-on), but identity federation can also be described as network-centric or cloud-...

  • 02.05.2012 14:15–15:00
    Guest lecture
    Exactum C222

    Abstract  Mining frequent patterns is plagued by the problem of pattern explosion making pattern reduction techniques a key challenge in pattern mining. In this talk we propose a theoretical framework for pattern reduction. We do this by measuring the robustness of a property of an itemset such as closedness or non-derivability. The robustness of a property is the probability that this property holds on random subsets...

  • 02.05.2012 12:00–16:00
    Defence of thesis
    University of Helsinki Main Building, Hall 10, Fabianinkatu 33
  • 26.04.2012 10:15–13:00

    Project in Data Compression Techniques concludes with presentations. Program:

    10.15 Shen Huibin: "Distributed Suffix Array Construction" (string processsing project) 10.35 Pekka Mikkola and Janne Kataja: "Engineering adaptive data compression" 10.55 Zach Laster: "2-Dimensional Static Grid Compression Using Blobbing" 11.15 Heikki Aitakangas: "Random text generation via dictionary-based decompression" 11.35 Dominik Kempa: "Fixed Block...
  • 20.04.2012 14:00–16:00
    Guest lecture

     Title: Molecular Communications: A new communication paradigm for nanoscale devices


    In recent years, nanotechnology has progressed tremendously resulting in sophisticated devices that are able to support various health care applications. Example of these applications include improved monitoring processes for critical patients, improved and targeted drug delivery, etc. While these...

  • 19.04.2012 16:15–18:00
    Exactum B119

    The program consists of a talk by Pasi Rastas:

    Title: Constructing Genome-wide Linkage Maps for Moths and Butterflies


    In this talk I will describe some key concepts of LEPIDOPTERA-MAP, a novel tool for constructing an accurate and comprehensive genetic linkage maps for butterflies and moths (lepidopterans) with next-generation sequencing (NGS) data from natural population samples and their offspring...

  • 13.04.2012 12:00–16:00
    Defence of thesis
    University of Helsinki Main Building, Auditorium XIV, Unioninkatu 34
  • 22.03.2012 16:15–18:00
    Exactum B119

    The program consists of a talk by Veli Mäkinen:

    Title: Multi-pattern matching with bidirectional indexes


    We study multi-pattern matching in a scenario where the pattern set is to be matched to several texts and hence indexing the pattern set is affordable. This kind of scenarious arise e.g. in metagenomics, where pattern set represents DNA of several species and the goal is to find out which...

  • 08.03.2012 17:00–21:00
    Alumni event
    Exactum, Lars Ahlfors-sali A111
    Tiedettä parhaassa seurassa Matemaattis-luonnontieteellinen tiedekunta kutsuu tiedekunnan kasvatit Kumpulan tiedekampuksen alumnitapahtumaan torstaina 8.3.2012 klo 17.00–21.00.

    Kolmatta kertaa kokoamme kaikkien laitostemme alumnit yhteiseen tilaisuuteen teemalla "Tiedettä parhaassa seurassa". Tule verkostoitumaan ja tapaamaan vanhoja opiskelukavereitasi, entisiä opettajiasi ja...

  • 08.03.2012 15:15–17:00
    Exactum B222

    The program consists of a talk by Leena Salmela:

    Title: Fast Scaffolding with Small Independent Mixed Integer Programs


    Assembling genomes from short read data has become increasingly popular but the problem remains computationally challenging especially for larger genomes. We study the scaffolding phase of sequence assembly where preassembled contigs are ordered based on mate pair data. We present...


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