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  • 25.11.2011 10:15–11:00
    HIIT seminar
    Kumpula Exactum B222
  • 21.11.2011 12:00–13:00
    Guest lecture
    C222 at Exactum

    Scalable Overlay Design for Topic-Based Publish/Subscribe Systems and Fast Overlay Construction Algorithms
    Prof. Roman Vitenberg
    University of Oslo


    Pub/sub is a paradigm for asynchronous communication that is commonly used in a great variety of industrial applications, such as news tickers, delivery of financial data, Military applications, and many others. While client-server...

  • 18.11.2011 12:15–14:00

    NODES seminar is open to all.

    The presentations cover the research topics of networking and services specialization area.



    Jesse Lankila: Popularity in User-Generated Content

    Seppo Hätönen:  -- to be announced later --


    This Fall's last seminar  will be on Friday 9.12 at 12.15 -14.00 in D123...

  • 16.11.2011 13:15–14:00
    Guest lecture
    Exactum B222

    Sampling Massive Online Graphs: Challenges, Techniques, and Applications to Facebook

    Maciej Kurant
    University of California, Irvine


    Online Social Networks (OSNs) have recently emerged as a new killer application, and are of interest to a number of communities, ranging from computer science and engineering to social sciences. Because of their sheer size (Facebook alone has more than 800...

  • 09.11.2011 17:00–20:00
    Other event
    Linus Torvalds -auditorio (B123)

    Syksyn Startup, 9.11. klo 17-20, Linus Torvalds -auditoriossa

    Helsingin yliopiston tietojenkäsittelytieteen laitoksen alumniyhdistys TKT-alumni ry järjestää perinteisen Syksyn Startup -tilaisuuden. Tilaisuudessa laitoksellamme opiskelleet ja sieltä valmistuneet kertovat mitä nykyään touhuavat. Tyypillisesti kyseessä itse perustettu kasvuyritys.


  • 07.11.2011 00:00–11.11.2011 00:00
    Other event

    The University of Helsinki (together with Hecse and HIIT) will organize an international autumn school on computational creativity. We cordially invite PhD and MSc students and researchers who are interested in being introduced to various aspects of computational creativity by experts in the field. More information and registration at http://www.cs....

  • 04.11.2011 10:15–11:00
    HIIT seminar
    Kumpula Exactum B222
  • 27.10.2011 14:15–16:00
    Exactum B120

    Niko Välimäki will give a talk:

    Title: Efficient Path Kernels for Reaction Function Prediction

    Abstract: Kernels for structured data are rapidly becoming an essential part of the machine learning toolbox. Graph kernels provide similarity measures for complex relational objects, such as molecules and enzymes. Graph kernels based on walks are popular due their fast computation but their predictive...

  • 21.10.2011 15:00–17:00
    Guest lecture

    Tervetuloa Summamutikan ja Linkin yhteiseen salausiltapäivään

    pe 21.10.2011 klo 15 alkaen B123

    Salausiltapäivä tarjoaa jännittävän katsauksen salausmenetelmien historiaan antiikin Kreikasta nykypäivään. Mukana on myös aito toisen maailmansodan Enigma-laite!

    Cambridgen yliopistossa Cambridgen...

  • 21.10.2011 10:15–11:00
    HIIT seminar
    Kumpula Exactum B222

    Talk announcement
    HIIT Seminar Kumpula, Friday October 21 10:15, Exactum B222
    (Please notice the new date!)

    Jaakko Peltonen
    Aalto University

    Focused Multi-task Learning Using Gaussian Processes

    *** This work by Gayle Leen, Jaakko Peltonen, and Samuel Kaski
    won the Award for Best Paper in Machine Learning at ECML PKDD 2011,
    the European...


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