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  • 28.09.2010 10:15–12:00


    Guest lecture in Exactum, Kumpula Campus, room B222 on Tue 28.9.2010 at 10-12

    Speaker: Prof. Jon Crowcroft Zero Carbon Networking

    Title: Zero Carbon Networking

    In the UK funded INTelligent Energy awaRe NETworks project we are starting to look at how to reduce the carbon cost of the Internet...

  • 17.09.2010 12:15–12:45


    Series: Y2 PhD studies (presentation of PhD research after two years of studies)

    Abstract: As a PhD students I am giving the obligatory presentation after about two years of my studies on my progress so far. The first half of the presentation will be on a general level about what I have done so far: finding representative nodes as well as retrieving relevant and non-redundant nodes in weighted graphs. The other half will be on...

  • 13.09.2010 09:00–17.09.2010 10:55


    Public teaching demonstrations will be given by applicants for the position of
    university lecturer (computer science, bioinformatics) as follows:
    - Jaakko Peltonen: Machine Learning in Bioinformatics
       Mon 13 September at 9:00-9:25, Exactum D122
    - Janne Ravantti: Proteiinien laskostuminen ja rakenteiden ennustus
       Tue 14 September at 8:30-8:55, Exactum B222
    - Juho Rousu...

  • 13.09.2010 08:45–15.09.2010 19:15

    Laitoksen neuvotteluhuone D234

    PGM 2010, The Fifth European Workshop on Probabilistic Graphical Models

    The European Workshop on Probabilistic Graphical Models (PGM) is a
    biennial workshop that brings together researchers interested in all
    aspects of graphical models for probabilistic reasoning, decision
    making, and learning. PGM2010 is the fifth edition of the workshop,
    taking place in the Marina...

  • 13.09.2010 00:00–15.09.2010 00:00

    University of Helsinki, Main Building

    12th European Conference on Logics in Artificial Intelligence (JELIA 2010) takes place September 13-15, 2010, in Helsinki. The conference features three invited talks from internationally well-known experts and over 30 peer-reviewed scientific presentations. Taking place in the main building of University of Helsinki, JELIA 2010  is co-organized by...

  • 10.09.2010 14:00–16:00


    The opening of the academic year will be held on Friday 10.9.2010  at 14:00 in room B123.


    Welcome to the new academic year
    - Esko Ukkonen

    The history and future visions of the cluster project
    - Jussi Kangasharju

    Activation of the cluster
    - Vice principal Jukka Kola


    Free program

  • 09.09.2010 13:00–15:00
    Guest lecture

    Guest talk in Exactum, Kumpula Campus, room CK111 on Thu 9.9.2010 at 13.00

    Speaker: Umar Rashid

    Title: Using Mobile Phones with Large Displays for Enhanced User Experience

    Abstracts: Although originally designed just for tele-communication, mobile phones are increasingly being used for GPS navigation, internet access, games, and management of personal information. While their portability makes them highly...

  • 03.09.2010 00:00–00:00
    Guest lecture
    Exactum B222

    Dr. Vladimir Safonov from St. Petersburg University gives a guest lecture on Friday 3.9.2010 at 12:15-14:00, room B222.

    Aspect-oriented programming (AOP) is a prospective software development and modernization technology. It allows software developers to easily design, implement and add to the application a number of cross-cutting concerns – pieces of functionality whose...

  • 02.09.2010 13:15–14:00
    Guest lecture
    B222, Exactum


    Exploring microRNA and mRNA Interactions and their Roles in Diseases in Data

    2 September at 13:15
    Room B222, Department of Computer Science, University of Helsinki


    MicroRNAs (miRNAs) play important roles in many biological processes. One major role is as a regulator of genes, and dysfunction of miRNA regulations cause diseases, including cancers. Computational...

  • 22.06.2010 14:15–16:00
    Guest lecture
    Exactum C122

    Prof. Jesus Malo from the University of Valencia will give a talk titled
    "V1 non-linearities perform non-linear ICA on natural images"

    Time and place: Tue 22nd June at 14:15 in C122


    A number of relations may be established among the phenomenology
    of human vision, image statistics, and practical image processing tasks:
    (1) Image statistics may explain the non-linear behavior...


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