Internal news

Allocate working hours in the University of Helsinki

Mon, 27.10.2008

3 Oct 08 - Allocating working hours started in the University of Helsinki on 1 June 2008. All employees are expected to allocate their working hours. You do it with the Sole TM tool, where you allocate your working hours to the projects/the unit project that you are working for.

Welcome to the Department Day in Kumpula on Friday 17 Oct

Tue, 14.10.2008

14 Oct 08 - Helsinki University of Computer Science invites everybody in HIIT to the Department Day.

Place: Kumpula, Exactum
Time: Friday, 17 October at 13-16

The programme has speeches, games and the research groups and projects will be introducing themselves. The detailed schedule is available at

Halli Deadlines

Tue, 23.09.2008

1 Oct 08 - At HIIT TKK, The working hours have to be recorded to HALLI at the latest by the second day of the following month. The supervisors have to accept the reports by the fifth day of the month. The deadlines are absolute.

Please note: the hours can be recorded in HALLI also in advance.

New articles of HIIT approved

Fri, 19.09.2008

19 Sep 08 - The new articles of HIIT have now been officially approved by Helsinki University of Technolgy TKK and the University of Helsinki. New articles become effective on 1 January 2009.

Read the new articles of HIIT »

Study Subjects wanted

Wed, 10.09.2008

10 Sep 08 - I'm looking for potential study subjects from the HIIT employees. Two types of individuals are wanted.

First, I'm looking for individuals that
a) have not(!) owned or otherwise used for long term a cell phone with which one can surf in the Internet,
b) have at least mediocre knowledge and skills in computers, and
c) are aged from 25 to 40 years.