Local Device Program

HIIT currently pilots a local device program.

This program aims to provide developer access to mobile hardware, for free. The main aim is to allow students and researchers examine the possibilities and extend their knowledge - and produce nice results for mobile computing.

Currently we have free

  • 3 * N950
  • 3 * N900
  • 1 * Nokia X3-02
  • 1 * MetaWatch

In total we have


  • 5 * N950
  • 5 * N900
  • 1 * Nokia X3-02
  • 1 * MetaWatch


We're working on building a nice online system to manage these devices. Before that, contact Matti Nelimarkka (matti.nelimarkka at hiit.fi), describe for why you need the devices and for how long you need the devices.

We like to thank the companies who have provided these devices for loan. We also aim to extend the device selection....

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