Networking Research


We study a wide range of communication problems, starting from the
medium access control, traffic analysis, multicast and IP mobility up to
hierarchical peer-to-peer architectures and distributed algorithms. Our
particular focus is security aspects and game-theoretic approach to
model selfish user behavior in the modern Internet. We are actively
involved in Internet Engineering and Research Task Force events
contributing to creation of Internet standards. We are involved in
projects on Internet-of-Things security and medical ICT, the
locator/identifier split, web security and trust among Internet users,
and smart spaces.

The group collaborates tightly with top-notch scientists from the
International Computer Science Institute (ICSI) in Berkeley. The latest
directions include fair bandwidth allocation in datacenter networks and
resilient routing. In 2013, the group leader and two group members I.
Nikolaevskiy and D. Kuptsov made a half a year visit to ICSI. Two group
members, T. Polishchuk and B. Nechaev had successfully defended their
PhD theses and two more dissertations were submitted for evaluation.


Current Group


old photo

  • Miika Komu
  • Antti Louko
  • Andrey Khurri
  • Oleg Ponomarev
  • Samu Varjonen
  • Juho Heikkilä
  • Assel Mukhametzhanova
  • Ruishan Zhang
  • Artturi Karila
  • Alexander Gogolev



The Networking research group has a collaboration with different universities around the world. Our partners are:

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