• Fulbright-Technology Industries of Finland Grant

    Thu, 29.10.2015

    With the Fulbright-Technology Industries of Finland Grant, Finnish researchers can visit the United States to create new lasting collaboration or bring new knowledge and insight into academic research. The grant supports projects in a variety of academic disciplines that support the development of the Finnish technology industry.

  • EU working on a new General Data Protection Regulation Act that may affect the use of personal data in research

    Thu, 29.10.2015

    EU is working on a new General Data Protection Regulation Act, which can make the use of personal data in research difficult. The European Data in Health Research Alliance has launched a petition ( for researchers and other individuals to show their support for defending research as a priority of general relevance.  For further background on this issue, see e.g.

  • Big data helping the smallest infants

    Wed, 14.10.2015

    Prediction models help doctors make right decisions at a right time.

    In a research "Small Babies - Big Data", conducted at the Computer Science Department at the Aalto University, data since 15 years of around 2000 babies with a birth weight less than 1500g was analyzed.
     – In total this data is 200 giga bytes. If this whole dataset was printed two-folded in A4 papers, the pile would be 1 km high.

  • "Prematurely born children, big data" Jaakko Hollmén was interviewed in A-Studio

    Mon, 12.10.2015

    Jaakko Hollmén was interviewed in A-Studio 7.10.2015 on the research "prematurely born children, big data" conducted in collaboration with the doctors at the Children's Hospital. Jaakko's interview starts at 29:41.

  • Computational modelling sheds new light on core cell functions

    Fri, 09.10.2015

    An advanced computational model developed by computer scientists has revealed long delays in gene regulation.

  • Big data: Isot aineistot esillä Tekniikan päivillä 2015 (in Finnish)

    Wed, 07.10.2015

    Eri kaupunkeihin levittäytyvien Tekniikan päivien yhteisenä aiheena yleisötilaisuuksissa loka-marraskuussa on big data, suomeksi massadata. Mistä onkaan kyse?
    Big data on isoja aineistoja, tietomassoja. Se tarkoittaa, että dataa on paljon, sitä tulee vauhdilla lisää ja se on monimuotoista, eli dataa on erilaista: on tekstiä, mitta-arvoja, kuvia, videoita.

  • Open position: Head of the Department of Computer Science

    Wed, 07.10.2015

    The Department of Computer Science is responsible for teaching and research in computer science at the University of Helsinki. 

    Now the department has an open position for:

    Head of the Department of Computer Science


  • Beddit launches Apple Watch sleep tracking app

    Wed, 07.10.2015

    Sleep tracking accessory maker Beddit is out with a new watchOS 2 app for Apple Watch today. Because Beddit offers a dedicated sensor for tracking your sleep duration and quality each night, Apple Watch is able to charge overnight as needed and still present sleep data in the morning. Thanks to hardware access granted to native software, Beddit’s watchOS 2 app lets Apple Watch double as a sleep tracker during the day for measuring naps and creating silent alarms.

  • Search engine for more accurate and fast recognition of metabolites

    Wed, 07.10.2015

    Potential applications for the machine-learning based method include anti-doping work, drug control by the Customs and crime scene investigation.

    Researchers from Aalto University and the University of Jena in Germany have developed a search engine named CSI:FingerID that identifies metabolites from tandem mass spectrometry measurements with an accuracy more than 150 per cent higher than its rivals, which may make the work of researchers in life and medical sciences easier. The study was recently published in the highly regarded PNAS journal.

  • The Curious AI Company: Artificial intelligence research interests investors

    Fri, 02.10.2015

    Machine can also be creative and learn intuitively, says Harri Valpola, the founder of Curious AI. Harri Valpola has investigated machine learning, neurosciences and neurorobotics since 1993, with the pioneer Teuvo Kohonen at Aalto University. Principal scientist Harri Valpola is a member of HIIT Board.