• Carat double-awarded in PerCom

    Mon, 30.03.2015

    The Carat research team got two awards from IEEE PerCom this week in St. Louis, USA. The article of Ella Peltonen, Eemil Lagerspetz, Petteri Nurmi, and Sasu Tarkoma: Energy Modeling of System Settings: A Crowdsourced Approach was honored by the Marc Weiser Best Paper Award. The article presented that crowdsourced data can be used to model battery consumption of mobile devices in real-life situations, when observing combinations of system settings, subsystem variables, and usage context of the device.

  • Tekes decided to grant funding for the continuation of the Re:Know project

    Fri, 27.03.2015

    Tekes decided on 20.3.2015 to grant funding for the continuation of the Revolution of Knowledge Work, Re:Know project. The funding is for 2 years starting 1.4.2015 and amounts to Tekes support 2,6 million euros.

    The project research partners are HIIT and the Finnish Institute of Occupational Health. For further information about the project, see

  • HIIT Vice-Director Patrik Floréen elected deputy Board member of Svenska Tekniska Vetenskapsakademien i Finland

    Fri, 27.03.2015

    HIIT Vice-Director Patrik Floréen elected deputy Board member of Svenska Tekniska Vetenskapsakademien i Finland, a learned society promoting engineering research and education in Swedish in Finland.

    See more about Technology Academy Finland TAF.

  • Finding similar neighborhoods across cities by social-media data analysis

    Fri, 20.03.2015

    We analyze social-media data to characterize city neighborhoods in terms of their activity. We build models to compare neighborhoods in different cities and answer questions like: "which neighborhood in Paris is most similar to Greenwich Village?"

    A paper on our work will appear in the ICWSM 2015 conference. You can also check our blog post in Northern bytes.

  • For students MOOC is more than just a course

    Thu, 19.03.2015

    Researchers at the Helsinki Institute for Information Technology HIIT and the University of Helsinki discovered new ways of learning when studying the online community that had come into existence during massive open online courses (MOOCs) on programming organised by the University of Helsinki. Course participants were able to discuss programming problems with other students on a chat channel on a real-time basis. 

  • Kvasir project will be demonstrated in WWW'15 conference

    Thu, 19.03.2015

    Kvasir project will be demonstrated in WWW'15 conference in Florence, Italy, May 2015. Kvasir aims at integrating intelligent and proactive content provision and into web browsing.

  • Cozzarelli Prize to professor Jukka Corander

    Mon, 16.03.2015

    PNAS awards the annual Cozzarelli Prize to the most excellent and original scientific publication in six different scientific fields. The 2014 Cozzarelli Prize was received in biomedical sciences for a revolutionary discovery concerning evolutionary mechanisms in bacterial populations. PNAS is one of the highest ranking general scientific journals and the prize honors former Editor-in-Chief professor Nicholas R Cozzarelli. Corander is the first Finnish scientist receiving the prize.

  • HIIT research on digital media and elections present in YLE evening news

    Sun, 15.03.2015

    Matti Nelimarkka and the Digivaalit 2015 project was featured in YLE national evening news discussing how social media is used to support the civic society. The quote is rather short, so let's go a bit deeper in this story...

  • Samuel Kaski to join the Advisory Board of Statistics Finland

    Wed, 11.03.2015

    Director of HIIT, Professor Samuel Kaski has been appointed as a member of the Advisory Board of Statistics Finland (Tilastokeskuksen neuvottelukunta) for the period 1 January 2015 to 31 December 2018. The Ministry of Finance appoints the Board which supports the strategic management of Statistics Finland.

  • Dr. Alan McNally visits CI program

    Thu, 05.03.2015

    Dr. Alan McNally is an internationally renowned expert on human microbial pathogen evolution and transmission. He is a long-tern collaborator of Jukka Corander and visits HIIT week 10 in 2015 to work on a COIN flagship project about the evolution and dissemination of the globally most widespread extraintestinal pathogenic strain of E. coli.