• HIIT at MobileHCI: the Most influential Paper from MobileHCI n-10

    Fri, 06.09.2013

    HIIT researchers and their colleagues (Sakari Tamminen, Antti Oulasvirta, Kalle Toiskallio, and Anu Kankainen) were awarded the Most influential Paper from MobileHCI 2003 prize.

    Their paper “Understanding Mobile Contexts” has 300+ citations. The prize was shared with the paper “A Review of Mobile HCI Research Methods” by Jesper Kjeldskov and Connor Graham that had same citation number.

  • HIIT Starts Revolution of Knowledge Work Project!

    Mon, 02.09.2013

    Revolution of Knowledge Work project is funded by Tekes, as a big strategic opening. The first funding period is 1 September 2013 - 28 February 2015.

    The project is collaboration between HIIT and Finnish Institute of Occupational Health.

  • HIIT researcher visits University of Cambridge, Prof. Jon Crowcroft

    Mon, 19.08.2013

    HIIT MSc Aaron Yi DING, supervised by Professor Sasu Tarkoma and senior researcher Markku Kojo, is visiting University of Cambridge, from June to December 2013.
    During this research visit, Aaron is advised by Professor Jon Crowcroft and working in the Cambridge Computer Laboratory.

  • Workshop on Backchannels and Live participation tools @ ECSCW 2013

    Tue, 14.05.2013

    HIIT researchers Kai Kuikkaniemi and Matti Nelimarkka will organize a workshop on backchannels and live participation tools in ECSCW 2013 & EC-TEL 2013  (Sep 21st - Sep 25th @ Paphos, Cyprus).

  • HIIT at CHI 2013: An award-winning paper and several other contributions

    Tue, 30.04.2013


    Several HIIT researchers are presenting novel and ongoing research at the CHI 2013 conference in Paris, France, this week. HIIT contributions include two full papers, a note, and six workshop positions papers. 

  • Dr. James Cussens visiting HIIT from April 8 - 12

    Wed, 03.04.2013

    James Cussens is a Senior Lecturer in the Dept of Computer Science at the University of York, UK. He works on machine learning, particularly Bayesian statistics, probabilistic graphical models and statistical relational learning. He is also a member of the York Centre for Complex Systems Analysis and is involved in interdisciplinary research including philosophy, statistical genetics, discrete optimisation and toxicology. He received his PhD in Philosophy of Science from King's College, London in 1991.

  • Research study on explorative search wins best paper award at IUI'13

    Tue, 02.04.2013

    HIIT researchers Dorota Głowacka, Tuukka Ruotsalo, Ksenia Konyushkova, Kumaripaba Athukorala, Samuel Kaski and Giulio Jacucci received a best paper award at International Conference on Intelligent User Interfaces 2013.

  • HIIT at CSCW 2013: The ideal of self-sufficiency puts brakes on sharing economy

    Tue, 26.02.2013


    According to a recent study by HIIT and UC Berkeley researchers, fear of owing a debt of gratitude and a reluctance to ask for help are slowing the success of online services that facilitate joint use, borrowing and exchange of services. People who engage in exchange activities were not as concerned about becoming the target of unfair accusations about being a ‘free rider’.

  • Content is King: HIIT research covered by Scientific American

    Tue, 18.12.2012

    The Scientific American features section (13/12/12) covers the PSIRP and PURSUIT research projects led by HIIT.
    The new Information-Centric Network (ICN) designs propose to make the network more content aware and thus reduce operating costs, improve efficiency, and mitigate attacks against the networks.

    - "The PSIRP projects laid the foundations for publish/subscribe style information-centric networking" says professor Sasu
    Tarkoma, one of the original proposers of the PSIRP project.

  • NS Jam Session on 12th December 10:00 with Airi Lampinen

    Mon, 10.12.2012

    Airi Lampinen will talk about account sharing in the context of social network services. The main emphasis will be on a qualitative study in which altogether sixteen people (eight women and eight men) from eight multi-person households who offer to host strangers were interviewed about their experiences with the site.