• Most amateurs don't demand copyright fees for their content

    Tue, 09.12.2008

    9 Dec 2008 - Most amateurs are not looking for copyright fees when they make and publish photos, videos and music. For them the most important reason to make and share the production is collaborate with other people. Amateurs are making a growing share of all technically superior photos, videos and music. This was an outcome of Herkko Hietanen's doctoral dissertation.

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  • HIIT organised Future Internet Socio-Economics networking session at ICT 2008

    Sun, 30.11.2008

    25 Nov 2008 - HIIT organised networking session "Future Internet Socio-Economics" at ICT 2008 in Lyon, France on 25 November. It provided a forum for researchers in industry and academia to discuss socio-economical research into the Future Internet.

    HIITTV Newsflash on the networking session

  • Personnel event on Thursday 18 Dec at 15:30

    Sat, 29.11.2008

    All HIIT people are invited to a personnel event.

    time: Thursday, 18 December 2008 at 15:30 - 16:30
    place: University of Helsinki, Porthania building, room P674, Yliopistonkatu 3, 6th floor.

    Porthania is a short walk away from Restaurant Loiste, where we gather at 17.00 for the HIIT Christmas Party.

  • New logo files and colours

    Fri, 28.11.2008

    09 Dec 08 - New, corrected HIIT logo files are now available at

    HIIT green is now redefined. New values for RGB, CMYK and PMS environment can be found at

  • HIIT brochures from Inka and Tuomo

    Fri, 28.11.2008

    27 Nov 08 - A range of new HIIT and HIIT project brochures is now available. Take copies with you when going to seminars or meeting other researchers. You can ask for ready-printed brochures from Inka Kujala at Kumpula and Tuomo Leinonen at Spektri.

  • IT group makes a hardware inventory

    Thu, 27.11.2008

    25 Nov 08 - IT group will do a hardware inventory during the first week (from 1 to 5) of December. Every computer must be shown to IT group. Laptops should be brought to room 3029 in Spektri or to room A215 in Kumpula. IT group will come to check the bigger equipment like desktop computers and displays.

    The group will collect/check the following information: serial number, MAC address, type/make of computer, current user.

    This will only take a few minutes per computer.

  • Best MSc thesis of the year award to Ville Tuulos

    Tue, 25.11.2008

    20 Nov 2008 - The Finnish Association for Mathematicians, Physicists and Computer Scientists granted the award for the best MSc thesis of the year to Ville Tuulos for his thesis "Design and Implementation of a Content-Based Search Engine". In his thesis Mr Tuulos designed, implemented and tested a novel, content-based semantic search engine.

  • Nokia Foundation awarded scholarships to HIIT researchers

    Tue, 18.11.2008

    18 Nov 2008 - Nokia foundation has awarded scholarships to three HIIT researchers. The awarded researchers are:

  • HIIT launched a light system for mobile usability testing

    Mon, 17.11.2008

    17 Nov 2008 - HIIT has launched a new multicamera system for mobile usability testing. The portable device light - less than 1 kg - and durable.

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  • Academy of Finland awards four projects to HIIT

    Fri, 14.11.2008

    14 Nov 2008 - The Academy of Finland awards four projects to HIIT and its partners in the Motive programme from 1 January 2009 onwards. HIIT coordinates two of the projects and is a member of consortium of two others.