• Pikkujoulut - Little Christmas Party

    Fri, 07.11.2008

    HIIT Little Christmas Party is coming.

    Date: 18 Dec 08 starting at 17:00
    Place: Ravintola Loisteen Kaari, 10.krs, Sokos Hotel Vaakuna, Helsinki City Centre.

    RSVP before 25 Nov 08 to your group leader. Please inform us on special dietary requirements and if you prefer a non-alcoholic welcoming toast.

    - MENU -

  • Eduroam open for HIIT staff

    Wed, 05.11.2008

    5 Nov 08 - Logging to eduroam is now possible with HIIT's accounts. Eduroam (EDUcation ROAMing) is a global WLAN roaming infrastructure. It is used both in international research and education community and allows users to log in to eduroam network anywhere in the world using their home organisation's username and password.

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  • UH published pages on the university reform

    Thu, 30.10.2008

    30 Oct  08 - The University of Helsinki has published web pages on the legislative reform concerning the universities in Finland.

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  • Allocate working hours in the University of Helsinki

    Mon, 27.10.2008

    3 Oct 08 - Allocating working hours started in the University of Helsinki on 1 June 2008. All employees are expected to allocate their working hours. You do it with the Sole TM tool, where you allocate your working hours to the projects/the unit project that you are working for.

  • Virtual Economy Research Network (VERN) website launched

    Thu, 23.10.2008

    23 Oct 2008 - New Virtual Economy Research Network (VERN) website has been launched. It is a communication hub for scholars, students and developers interested in virtual goods, currencies and economies. The new site features:

  • HIIT's new CityWall video draws over 250 000 viewers

    Thu, 16.10.2008

    16 Oct 2008 - HIIT's new video on the 3D CityWall multi-touch display has drawn over 250 000 viewers. Several international IT media have embedded the YouTube video on their website.

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  • HIIT organises Pervasive 2010

    Thu, 16.10.2008

    15 Oct 2008 - Helsinki Institute for Information Technology HIIT and the Department of Computer Science of University of Helsinki will organise Pervasive 2010, the Eight International Conference on Pervasive Computing. The conference will take place in Helsinki, Finland during four days in Mid-May 2010.

    Welcome to Pervasive 2010 video (in Finnish)

  • Welcome to the Department Day in Kumpula on Friday 17 Oct

    Tue, 14.10.2008

    14 Oct 08 - Helsinki University of Computer Science invites everybody in HIIT to the Department Day.

    Place: Kumpula, Exactum
    Time: Friday, 17 October at 13-16

    The programme has speeches, games and the research groups and projects will be introducing themselves. The detailed schedule is available at

  • HIIT launched a 3D version of multi-touch display CityWall

    Thu, 09.10.2008

    10 Oct 2008 - Helsinki Institute for Information Technology HIIT has launched a new, 3D version of CityWall. CityWall is a large multi-touch display that supports large numbers of people interacting by touch on the display simultaneously. CityWall's widget framework built on top of the computer vision component tracks gestures and maps them to 2D/3D graphics engine interaction tasks.

  • Teemu Koponen: a new network architecture

    Tue, 07.10.2008

    2 Oct 2008 - HIIT researcher Teemu Koponen proposes a new network architecture for the Internet in his dissertation. The new clean-slate network architecture matches with the current data-oriented usage of the Internet. Koponen presents a name resolution system based on name-based routing, proposes modest addressing-related changes to IP and takes steps towards a new application programming interface to decouple the applications from the network stack.