• University of Helsinki Approved the New Articles of HIIT

    Fri, 22.08.2008

    University of Helsinki has approved the new articles of HIIT. TKK is expected to approve the articles before the end of September.

    University of Helsinki press release (in Finnish) »
    Draft (4 Aug 08) for the new articles of HIIT »

  • Almost 800 Participants in the July Conferences

    Thu, 21.08.2008

    21 Aug 2008 - Several international conferences on artificial intelligence have attracted almost 800 participants to Helsinki in July. The series of conferences was the most important international scientific event of year on machine learning.

    Read more about the figures of the conferences (in Finnish) »
    View webcasted ICML, UAI and MLG lectures »

  • Music Goes on in People's Mind

    Fri, 15.08.2008

    15 Aug 2008 - A new topic within the psychological discipline concerns involuntary semantic memories. Initial research has suggested that musical memories are the dominant type of memories that are remembered involuntarily. Interestingly, no reliable information exists on how common this phenomenon of ‘earworms’, mental replay of music, is among people living in a western culture. Present study intended to investigate this issue by examining the topic in retrospect.

  • Vili Lehdonvirta Joins Live Gamer Advisory Board

    Thu, 24.07.2008

    Vili Lehdonvirta
    Vili Lehdonvirta.

  • HIIT Wiki Is Open

    Thu, 10.07.2008

    HIIT now has a Wiki of it's own that can be found from

    Requests for new wiki spaces (areas you can put content in) can be sent to it-web at hiit dot fi.

    More information, including a description of a procedure for wiki space request can be read from Wiki's information space.

    Non-HIIT personnel can also gain access to Wiki. Should your project have need for that, please contact it-accounts at hiit dot fi.

  • International Conferences on Machine Learning started in Helsinki

    Tue, 08.07.2008

    Poster Session
    Reseachers studying conference posters. Photo: Sanna Kettunen

    7 July 2008 - A range of remarkable international conferences on artificial intelligence have started in Helsinki. The series of conferences is the most important international scientific event of year on machine learning. It lasts over a week and attracts almost 800 researchers from academic institutions and businesses to Helsinki.

  • libexact User's Guide is now out

    Tue, 01.07.2008


    30 June 2008 - The libexact User's Guide (version 1.0) is now out. libexact is a software library for solving combinatorial exact covering problems.

    Petteri Kaski's and Olli Pottonen's report has been published in the HIIT Technical Reports series.

    Download here libexact User's Guide (pdf) »

  • Carl Couch Center for Social and Internet Research Honored Vilma Lehtinen

    Thu, 19.06.2008

    Vilma Lehtinen
    Vilma Lehtinen

    19 June 2008 - The Carl Couch Center for Social and Internet Research has honored Vilma Lehtinen. Lehtinen is the Third Place Winner of Carl J. Couch Internet Research Award 2008 for her paper, "Performing Diverse Social Relationships on a Social Networking Site. Vilma Lehtinen works as a researcher in HIIT.

  • Share Your Cruise Photos

    Wed, 18.06.2008

    Girls just want to have fun
    Andrea (right), Vilma and Alessandro on the boat.
    On Monday, 9 June 2008, the HIIT team members cruised in the eastern archipelago of Helsinki. Almost 100 of us enjoyed good company, three course dinner and beautiful views of the archipelago.

  • Devotion Is More Important than Money to Innovators

    Tue, 17.06.2008

    Book Cover

    17 June 2008 - The new Aalto University should promote versatility in the university, constructive confrontations and the development of internal motivation, if the new university is wanted to create new innovations, claims Lassi A. Liikkanen. These factors are more important than money. Liikkanen has edited an essay collection "Esseitä suomalaisesta unelmasta" (Essays on the Finnish dream).