• ICT SHOK Future Internet Programme Launched

    Mon, 16.06.2008

    Future Internet Logo

    16 June 2008 - ICT SHOK Future Internet research programme has been launched. The new programme is a joint research programme of a range of leading ICT companies and Finnish research institutions and universities. The programme is exceptionally big in Finland. In this year there are already 50 person-years working in the project.

  • ICA's Kirkman Medal to Petteri Kaski

    Mon, 09.06.2008

    Petteri Kaski
    Petteri Kaski

    9 June 2008 - The Institute of Combinatorics and its Applications (ICA) has awarded the Kirkman Medal for 2007 to Petteri Kaski. Kaski currently holds a post-doc position at HIIT.

  • 9 June at 14.00: HIIT Personnel Info

    Tue, 03.06.2008

    All HIIT people are invited to a personnel event.

    Time: Monday 9 June at 14.00
    Venue: University of Helsinki, Porthania building, room P674, Yliopistonkatu 3, 6th floor.
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  • FIPA Annual Doctoral Thesis Prize to Mika Raento

    Thu, 29.05.2008

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    29 May 2008 - The Finnish Information Processing Association FIPA (in Finnish: Tietotekniikan liitto) has awarded its Annual Doctoral Thesis Prize to Mika Raento. Mika Raento's Ph.D. thesis "Exploring privacy for ubiquitous computing: Tools, methods and experiments" was published in 2007 when he worked as a researcher in HIIT.

  • SAB Visited HIIT Sites

    Thu, 29.05.2008

    The SAB members listened to presentations by HIIT researchers.

    28 May 2008 - The HIIT Scientific Advisory Board visited HIIT Kumpula, Spektri and Otaniemi Sites on 26-28 May. The objective of the SAB meeting was to provide critical guidance about HIIT's research activities and to advise the HIIT Board on strategic planning for future research directions of HIIT.

  • HIIT Board Member Thomas Wilhelmsson Elected to the UH Rector

    Wed, 28.05.2008

    Thomas Wilhelmsson
    Thomas Wlihelmsson (photo: UH)

    28 May 2008 - Professor of Civil and Commercial Law Thomas Wilhelmsson, 58, was elected to the Rector of the University of Helsinki. He will commence his term on 1 August 2008.

    Wilhelmsson is a member of the HIIT board.

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  • HIIT Board Nominated Zhang, Roos to Post-doc Positions

    Fri, 23.05.2008

    Ruishan Zhang and Teemu Roos
    Ruishan Zhang (left) and Teemu Roos

    16 May 2008 - The HIIT board has nominated Dr. Ruishan Zhang (FI) and Ph.D. Teemu Roos (PAS) to post-doc positions, both for three-year terms starting on 1 August, 2008.

  • BeAware EU Project Launched

    Thu, 22.05.2008

    22 May 2008 - The EU project BeAware has been officially launched. HIIT coordinates the consortium involving industrial and academic partners from Finland, Sweden, and Italy. The project will study how consumer's awareness of energy consumption can be facilitated by combining sensors monitoring energy use with mobile and ambient user interfaces.

  • Tekes Accepts Funding for the ICT SHOK Future Internet Programme

    Fri, 16.05.2008


    16 May 2008 - The Board of TEKES has donated first-year funding for the Future Internet (FI) programme of the Strategic Center of Excellence in Science, Technology and Innovation in ICT (Finnish acronym ICT SHOK) run by Tivit Oy.

    The total volume of the work planned for the first year (1 April 2008-31 March 2009) is some 50 person-years and is expected to grow significantly in later years.