• HIIT submits seven proposals to EU

    Tue, 08.05.2007

    8 May 2007 - In response to the first call of the ICT Programme of the 7th Framework Programme of the European Union, HIIT researchers submitted three proposals where HIIT will act as the project coordinator and lead the consortium. In addition, further four proposals where HIIT is a partner of the proposing consortium were submitted. If the projects pass the evaluation and negotiation stages, they will launch late 2007 or early 2008.

  • HIIT Ruoholahti unit has moved to Spektri Pilotti

    Tue, 10.04.2007

    10 Apr 2007 - The HIIT personnel located previously in HTC Helsinki in Ruoholahti has moved to the Pilotti building in Spektri business park next to TKK campus in Espoo. The new visiting address of the unit is Metsänneidonkuja 4, Espoo. The postal address (HIIT, FI-02015 TKK, Finland) and telephone numbers remain unchanged. See location map for driving instructions and public transport connections.

  • HIIT submits five proposals to TEKES' Ubicom programme

    Fri, 30.03.2007

    30 Mar 2007 - Researchers of HIIT submitted five new project proposals for consideration of inclusion in the new TEKES' Ubicom research programme that had its first submission deadline on 30.3.2007. In addition, HIIT also participated in research consortia of several other proposals coordinated by other institutions. The proposals cover a wide range of ground in ubiquitous computing from basic human-centric issues to novel technologies, platforms, and applications.

  • HIIT and KTH arrange joint seminar

    Fri, 16.03.2007

    14-16 Mar 2007 - HIIT's Network Society programme and the department of Media Technology and Graphic Arts from the Royal Institute of Technology (KTH) in Stockholm arranged a joint research seminar in Helsinki and Stockholm. A team of 15 researchers from KTH, led by professor Nils Enlund, first visited Helsinki on March 14. Another 15 researchers from HIIT, led by professor Marko Turpeinen, joined the KTH team on voyage to Stockholm where the second part of the seminar was held on March 15.

  • Prof. Pekka Himanen's innovation report published

    Thu, 08.03.2007

    8 Mar 2007 - Prof. Pekka Himanen's report The Finnish Dream (Suomalainen unelma) was published in an event held by the Centennary Fund of the Technology Industries of Finland. The report characterises innovation driven economy and society, and studies the underlying culture of creativity. It is a summary in Finnish of a larger monograph to be published later in English.

  • Academy of Finland ProAct programme receives praising evaluation

    Wed, 28.02.2007

    28 Feb 2007 - The evaluation report of the ProAct research programme of the Academy of Finland was published. It praises the scientific impact of the programme, and makes several recommendations to Academy based on the positive experience.

  • Human-centered ubiquitous computing programme proposal submitted

    Wed, 28.02.2007

    28 Feb 2007 - On behalf of a consortium with 14 partners in Finnish universities, research institutes and industry, HIIT has submitted a proposal to the Academy of Finland to establish a research programme on Human-centered ubiquitous computing. The proposed programme aims to combine Finnish research competences in the area to make a significant contribution to understanding human issues arising in future ubiquitous computing and communications systems, and creating applicable theories and methods on its basis.

  • HIIT researchers submit seven proposals to TEKES' open call

    Wed, 28.02.2007

    28 Feb 2007 - HIIT researchers submitted a total of seven new proposals to TEKES in response to its Open Call for new projects. If funded, the projects will launch during the first half of 2007.

  • Dr. Jukka Kemppinen nominated as Professor in LUT

    Wed, 21.02.2007

    21 Feb 2007 - Dr. Jukka Kemppinen has been nominated as Professor in Law, especially information and technology law, from 1.3.2007 in the School of Business at Lappeenranta University of Technology. He has been professor pro tem in Lappeenranta since 2003. Dr. Kemppinen is also an adjunct professor (docent) in University of Helsinki (legal science) since 1994 and University of Turku (cultural history) since 2005. Dr. Kemppinen plans to share his time with HIIT, where he is an Affiliate Principal Scientist and co-leads the Digital Economy research group.

  • Summer internships at HIIT Kumpula/Otaniemi

    Tue, 20.02.2007

    20 Feb 2007 - HIIT Basic Research Unit and the From Data to Knowledge research unit have opened the call for applications to summer internship positions for talented students whose competence matches HIIT's research themes. The DL is 1.3.2007.