• Academy of Finland grants Algodan Centre of Excellence for 2008-2013

    Tue, 12.12.2006

    12 Dec 2006 - Finnish Centre of Excellence for Algorithmic Data Analysis Research (Algodan) is one of the 18 research groups selected by the Academy of Finland to the national centre-of-excellence programme for 2008 - 2013. HIIT/Kumpula is the main site of activity of the CoE. Professor Esko Ukkonen is the director and Academy Professor Heikki Mannila the vice-director of Algodan.

  • Antti Oulasvirta's doctoral defence

    Fri, 10.11.2006

    10 Nov 2006 - HIIT researcher Antti Oulasvirta defended his doctoral thesis Studies of working memory in interrupted human-computer interaction in the public dissertation at the Department of Psychology, University of Helsinki. The opponent was Professor Deborah Boehm-Davis from George Mason University and the custos Professor Christina Krause. The supervisor of the thesis was Professor Pertti Saariluoma from University of Jyväskylä.

  • Marko Turpeinen becomes Professor of Media Technology at KTH

    Wed, 01.11.2006

    1 Nov 2006 - Dr. Marko Turpeinen, the Programme Director of the Network Society research programme at HIIT, has been nominated as the Professor of Media Technology at the Royal Institute of Technology (KTH), Sweden, from 1.11.2006 onwards. Prof. Turpeinen will continue his work at HIIT, and plans to divide his time between KTH and HIIT.

  • Prof. Ylä-Jääski's group joins HIIT

    Fri, 13.10.2006

    13 Oct 2006 - HIIT Steering Board decided to accept the Distributed Networking and Security research group led by prof. Antti Ylä-Jääski from Helsinki University of Technology to HIIT. The work of of the group will focus on the Future Internet programme of HIIT.

  • CALLAS EU project clears negotiations, will launch on 1.11.2006

    Fri, 08.09.2006

    8 Sep 2006 - The negotiations with the European Commission on the project Conveying Affectiveness in Leading-edge Living Adaptive Systems (CALLAS) were concluded succesfully, and the project will launch on 1.11.2006. The chief aim of the project is to advance the state-of-the-art in Multimodal Affective Interfaces by developing i) new emotional models that will be able to take into account a comprehensive user experience in digital arts and entertainment applications and ii) new modality-processing techniques to capture (and elicit) these new emotional categories.

  • Virtual economy site opened

    Wed, 06.09.2006

    6 Sep 2006 - HIIT opened a collaborative site aiming to link researchers interested in "virtual property", an emerging field linking games research and experimental economy. The intention to create a "hub" around the theme, increasing the visibility and impact of the research. For more information, please contact Vili Lehdonvirta.

  • Prof. Esko Ukkonen's and Prof. Samuel Kaski's groups join HIIT

    Mon, 28.08.2006

    28 Aug 2006 - In its inaugural meeting, the newly established HIIT Steering Group decided to accept two new research groups into HIIT: the Computational Biology group led by prof. Esko Ukkonen from University of Helsinki and the Statistical Machine Learning and Bioinformatics group led by prof. Samuel Kaski from the Helsinki University of Technology. The work of Prof. Ukkonen's group will mainly be focused on HIIT's Algorithmic Data Analysis (ADA) programme, while prof.

  • Nordunet3 funds NordicHIP project

    Mon, 22.05.2006

    22 May 2006 - The Nordunet3 Programme has accepted the project proposal NordicHIP, submitted in response to the programme's October 2005 call. NordicHIP is a joint project by the Swedish Institute of Computer Science (SICS), HIIT and the TML laboratory at TKK. Its objective is to deepen the collaboration in research and development of Host Identity Protocol (HIP) and related Internet infrastructure components between the participants.

  • P2P Fusion clears EU negotiation, will launch in June

    Fri, 19.05.2006

    19 May 2006 - The project Peer-to-peer Fusion (P2P Fusion) concluded its negotiations successfully and will be launched in the beginning of June, 2006. The project addresses the current difficulties in the legal creative reuse of audio and video media in the Internet environment. It aims to create an open, accessible, legal and economically efficient environment for creative audiovisual cultural activities that can also be based on the work of others and materials from cultural institutions, through built-in, easy-to-use support for suitable licensing schemes.

  • Sasu Tarkoma's doctoral thesis defence

    Sat, 29.04.2006

    29 Apr 2006 - HIIT researcher Sasu Tarkoma defended his doctoral thesis Efficient Content-based Routing, Mobility-aware Topologies, and Temporal Subspace Matching in the Faculty of Science at the University of Helsinki. The opponent was Professor Luís Rodrigues, Universidade de Lisboa and the custos Professor Kimmo Raatikainen.