HIIT Alumni awarded for Outstanding Author Contribution

Sun, 24.05.2015

An article written by HIIT alumni Airi Lampinen and Vilma Lehtinen has been chosen as a winner as an Outstanding Author Contribution in the 2014 Emerald Literati Network Awards for Excellence. The article, "Media Choice and Identity Work: A Case Study of Information Communication Technology Use in A Peer Community", was praised as one the most impressive pieces of work the awards team saw throughout 2014.

The article analyses how media choices can be used in the construction of social identity. Lampinen and colleagues approach the topic through the analytical lens of identity work, depicting everyday interactions in which the choice of an older information communication technology, Internet Relay Chat, serves participants in their quest for social belongingness in their student community and in distinguishing the community positively from other social groups. By examining online and offline social interactions in a defined community over time, the authors expose the process of identity work in a holistic manner.

The article was published as a part of the Studies in Media and Communication series. Lampinen and Lehtinen co-authored the piece in collaboration with associate professor Coye Cheshire from UC Berkeley. The study was a part of Lampinen’s PhD dissertation, conducted originally as a part of the OtaSizzle-project, where researches examined social media in urban communities.

Contact person: airi@iki.fi

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