HIIT group leader Marko Turpeinen to lead EIT ICT Labs Silicon Valley Hub

Wed, 29.04.2015

Helsinki Node Director Marko Turpeinen has been selected as the Director for the EIT ICT Labs Silicon Valley Hub. He will start in this position on May 1st, 2015. Marko is already very familiar with USA and Silicon Valley as he graduated from MIT in 2000 and was a visiting scholar at UC Berkeley during 2009-2010.

EIT ICT Labs Nodes and their partners are already tightly connected with the Silicon Valley ecosystem. Our presence in USA builds on these existing relationships of our partners and the interests of our entrepreneurs. The outpost represents the European ecosystem, but is also deeply embedded in the local US context of innovators, start-ups, educators and researchers.

The chairman of the Node Steering Committee Tatu Koljonen took the baton from Marko and will start as Node Director on May 1.

More information from http://www.eitictlabs.eu/news-events/news/article/new-directors-for-silicon-valley-and-helsinki/#allView

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