Jukka Corander is chair for the SMBE Satellite Workshop on Genome Evolution in Pathogen Transmission and Disease, February 22-26 2016, Nagano, Japan

Mon, 02.11.2015

The aim of this SMBE workshop is to bring together leading experts in the fields of bacterial genomics, evolution, population biology, network analysis and modelling to foster communication and development of research ideas. The workshop will also be ideal for PhD students, post docs and other young scientists to gain in-depth knowledge of the multiple thematic challenges within this topic, such that they can contribute to the forefront research activity.

Understanding how pathogens evolve is central to understanding how they cause disease and how they are transmitted amongst host and non-host niches. The workshop main topics in evolutionary microbiology are:  

  1. Whole genomes and their evolution.
  2. Statistical and computational tools, such as ABC and genome-wide association studies.
  3. Reconstructing evolutionary history, understanding phenotypes from genotypes and the uses of phylogenies together with modeling of pangenome evolution

Call for abstracts out now at


News and details about the workshop are available through the main website:


Twitter feed: #SMBEsatellite2016japan

Contact person: Jukka Corander

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