New Academy grant for Prof. Jussi Kangasharju

Tue, 17.11.2015

New Academy grant for Prof. Jussi Kangasharju: Cloud Computing as an Enabler of Large Scale Variable Distributed Energy Solutions (BC-DC)

There are five collaborating partners in the 5-year BC-DC project funded by the Strategic Research Council.

Professor Rauli Svento, Oulu Business School, Department of Economics (PI), Professor Maria Kopsakangas-Savolainen, Finnish Environment Institute Martti Ahtisaari Institute, Professor Matti Latva-Aho, Center of Wireless Communications, University of Oulu, Head of the NWP-group Sami Niemelä, Finnish Meteorological Institute (FMI), Professor Jussi Kangasharju, University of Helsinki, Professor Maija-Leena Huotari, Department of Information Studies, University of Oulu 
The ’Cloud computing as an enabler of large-scale variable distributed energy solutions: Bright Clouds – Dark Clouds’ (BC-DC) project seeks to provide a research-based model for the development of variable, distributed production for energy. The Consortium aims at finding solutions that enable large applications of renewable resources in cost-efficient ways. We study how economic market mechanisms combined with new generation ICT and digital services and modern weather forecasts enable this goal. A main goal of the project is to develop a cloud computing-based market place of electricity trading where all these above-mentioned items can be combined. The utilization of project deliverables shall be enhanced through a knowledge management research-based interaction model. The aim of the interaction model is to establish an active community where the knowledge and understanding of the possibilities of distributed energy production of the researchers and members can be deepened and distributed.

Contact person: Jussi Kangasharju

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