Quan Nguyen visits University of East Anglia

Sat, 23.05.2015

Quan (Eric) Nguyen visited the Computational Biology Laboratory at University of East Anglia, Norwich, UK on April 20–30, 2015. Eric gave a talk based on his MSc thesis Likelihood-based Phylogenetic Network Inference by Approximate Structural Expectation Maximization. The thesis work has already resulted in two scientific publications that have been accepted for publication in AlCoB-2015 and Digital Scholarship in the Humanities.

Eric will soon move to TU Eindhoven to begin PhD studies. We wish Eric all the best in his new position and hope to see him again soon.

Eric (third from left) with host Prof Vincent Moulton (left) and other locals.

Read more about this:

  1. J. Tehrani, Q. Nguyen, and T. Roos, (2015). Oral fairy tale or literary fake? Investigating the origins of Little Red Riding Hood using phylogenetic network analysis, to appear in Digital Scholarship in the Humanities.
  2. Q. Nguyen and T. Roos, (2015). Likelihood-based inference of phylogenetic networks from sequence data by PhyloDAG, to appear in Proc. 2nd International Conference on Algorithms for Computational Biology (AlCoB-2015).

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