Social scientists are coding - again

Mon, 16.11.2015
Data science - as it is called nowadays – creates new skill requirements to various of fields, most importantly programming and computational thinking. To accelerate the change at Faculty of Social Sciences, University of Helsinki, HIIT staff is involved in research and teaching activities. An outcome of the teaching activities is the Computational social science –program, including theoretical and hands-on courses for social scientists.
This fall it is the time for the forth iteration of “Introduction to Programming in Social Science”, which has been scaled up to meet the demands after successful pilot last fall. The total enrollment is 27 students, and this far over 50 students have successfully passed the programming class.
The course includes programming exercises, but also readings on foundations of computational social science. The course syllabus is online, including exercises and reading lists.

More to come next Spring

This far, we have focused on building the basic skills which are requirement to be able to use computational tools in the research. Next Spring we are able to move forward, and speak about complex systems and data extraction for social scientists. Stay tooned!

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