27 Oct 10:15 Judy Sheard: Are we student-centered enough?

Dr Judy Sheard from Caulfield School of Information Technology at Monash University will give a guest lecture titled

** Are we student-centered enough? **

on Tue, 27 October 2009 in classroom D122 at 10.15 am.

Dr Judy Sheard is Co-Director in Computing Education Research Group at Monash University and Director of Monash Museum of Computing History.


There is now widespread use of technology in education, we have access to a huge variety of resources and increasingly sophisticated tools. As we move into this digital world, education is becoming more and more reliant on information and communication technologies. In order to design learning environments that provide our students with valuable learning experiences it is important that we understand how our students may use and respond to these environments. The recent emergence of Web 2.0 has provided the impetus for shifts in pedagogical thinking and practice by educators and educational courseware designers. This presentation will explore the implications of the use of Web 2.0 in education, the potential benefits of this technology and some considerations for its use, especially in regard to assessment.

The lecture will be part of the CS education seminar
(http://www.cs.helsinki.fi/events/tt-op-sem09/) at our department. The seminar is in Finnish, but Judy Sheard's keynote talk will be in English. You are all welcome to attend Judy Sheard's talk, even if you are not attending the seminar.

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