Data analyst for behavioral data, Integrated sensor system developer, Interface developer, Interaction designer (deadl 15 Nov)

HELSINKI INSTITUTE FOR INFORMATION TECHNOLOGY HIIT, Finland, invites applications for four positions in Human-Computer Interaction (see full descriptions below):
1. Data analyst for behavioral data
2. Integrated sensor system developer
3. Interface developer
4. Interaction designer.
We will consider both Master's level and PhD-level candidates.


Helsinki Institute for Information Technology HIIT is a joint research institution of Helsinki University of Technology and the University of Helsinki for basic and strategic research on information technology. Its research ranges from fundamental methods and technologies to novel applications and their impact on people and society. HIIT’s key competences are in Internet architecture and technologies, mobile and human-centric computing, user-created media, analysis of large sets of data and probabilistic modeling of complex phenomena. See for more information.

Ubiquitous Interaction (UIx) research group couples human-computer interaction studies with application and interface development in the mobile and ubiquitous computing. We offer:
1) close collaboration with key industry players and international research groups
2) state of the art technology in wireless sensing, mobile, and ubiquitous computing applications
3) highly collaborative, user-oriented, and multidisciplinary environment (our researchers have degrees in design, computer science, electrical engineering, social psychology, and cognitive science)
4) guidance and tutoring in cutting-edge areas in Human-Computer Interaction
5) prototype development with trials in real settings.
See for more information.


1. Data analyst for behavioral data
UIx is looking for a data analyst / information visualizer to join projects in the area of interactive ubiquitous computing. We offer
several projects with large real world data sets from state-of-the art interactive technologies. We expect the following from candidates:
* Strong, demonstrated skills in mathematics, statistics, or quantitative methods
* Competence and interest in analyzing data from behavioral studies
* Interest and skill in development of tools for data collection, analysis, and visualization
* Training in experimental design is a plus
* Previous experience with sensor data is a plus.

2. Integrated sensor system developer
UIx seeks a person for developing a lightweight, wearable system for integrating, synchronizing, processing and storing data from multiple sensors, including video data for eye tracking. The required competencies include capability for independent problem solving, experience from designing and implementing embedded systems, familiarity of electronics and embedded systems programming.

3. Interface developer
UIx is looking for interface developer interested in and having experience in 1) Mobile applications, using sensors and/or multimodal processing and/or 2) Ubiquitous installations involving multimodality processing (including mixed reality). Competence in C++, OpenGL, QT computer vision, psychophysiology, or multimodal processing is necessary.

4. Interaction designer
UIx is looking for interaction designer with interest and experience in designing mobile applications, public installations, information visualizations of complex interactive data, and/or interactive games.


For all positions, starting date is flexible, but should start in March 2010 the latest. Duration is flexible as well, ranging from 4 months to 2 years.

Salary is determined according to the university's Salary System. (For example, the salary range for a Master's level researcher is EUR 1,745 - 3,279 and for a PhD-level researcher EUR 2,578-5,135.)

Deadline for applications is 15 November 2009.

Include with your application CV, list of publications and an example article/report, contact information of two references, student record transcript (opintorekisteriote) (if relevant) and a one-page cover letter.

Please send all applications by e-mail to uix-info(a)

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