16 Dec 15:00 András Zahemszky: Beyond zFilters and MPLS

Researcher András Zahemszky (HIIT/Ericsson):

Title: "Beyond zFilters and MPLS"

Time: 16 December 2009, 15:00
Place: Spektri 3rd floor meeting room


Earlier work in the PSIRP project produced LIPSIN (Line speed publish/subscribe internetworking), a stateless multicast forwarding solution. In LIPSIN, links are named instead of nodes, and the link identifiers of the links the packet needs to travel through are placed in a small Bloom filter in the packet header. With this technique, unicast traffic and sparse-mode multicast can be efficiently handled. As an addition to zFilters, we proposed zFormation, where the zFilter of the packet is bound to some flow information in the packet (e.g. publication identifier in PSIRP, or the IP 5-tuple in legacy networks), to its path and to time. This way, the zFilter cannot be misused and DDoS attacks can be prevented.

Finally, our on-going work focuses on new use cases of zFilters and zFormation. By combining the advantages of the legacy packet forwarding technology MPLS, and zFilters, we are currently building a new packet forwarding architecture, zMPLS, which increases the flexibility of MPLS and promises (eg.) the enabling of scalable and bandwidth-efficient Multicast Virtual Private Network (MVPN) services.

In my presentation, I will first summarize zFilters and zFormation, then focus on presenting the details of zMPLS. As the work is still on-going, constructive feedback and discussion is more than welcome.


The work is related to the PSIRP project.

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