14 Jan 14:00 Weixiong Rao: Towards efficient information dissemination in Peer-to-Peer networks

Dr Weixiong Rao is visiting the Department during 11-15 January. and he will give an invited lecture on Thursday 14 Jan 14-16 in Exactum B222.

The title of the lecture is "Towards efficient information dissemination in Peer-to-Peer networks". The lecture is based on his recent research articles in Infocom 2009 and ICDE 2009.

The design of efficient information
dissemination systems with high expressiveness is a challenging task. In this lecture, I will consider two systems that explore the tradeoff between efficiency and expressiveness. First, in distributed hash table (DHT)-based P2P networks, the proposed STAIRS framework can support the dissemination of unstructured information. The novelty of STAIRS lies in the low publication cost while providing users with the full-text content subscription capability.
Secondly, the COBAS framework proposes a set of techniques for the dissemination of structured information, including selective multicast by bounding intervals, cost model-based interval division, and merging operation. COBAS can match publication messages with structured content against subscription filters with a high efficiency.

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