20 Jan 12:15 Donald Byrd: A Universal System for Exploring (and Creating) Time-based Phenomena

Donald Byrd, School of Informatics & Jacobs School of Music Indiana University Bloomington, will give a guest lecture on Wednesday January 20 at 12:15 in Exactum, lecture room B222.


A Universal System for Exploring (and Creating) Time-based Phenomena


The world is full of complex temporal (time-based) phenomena, both natural and cultural: to name a few, chemical reactions, animal movement, movies, football games, multimedia shows, weather, operas, political crises, illnesses, wars, development of individuals, development of species, and development of geographic features. These things are always difficult to study or -- for performances of all kinds, whether artistic or athletic -- to create because they don't "sit still", so to speak. The usual answer to this problem is, of course, visualization. But, to my knowledge, every visualization system to date is limited to a specific domain. This is unfortunate because the synergy possible with a more general approach is enormous. Furthermore, presentations in audio and even tactile form can be as useful as visual presentation.

I am building a system for exploring _any_ temporal phenomenon via _any_ type of presentation. Initial work has focused on my own field, music, but I'll give examples from other disciplines including nanoscience and biology.

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