23 Feb 10:15 Ivan Frade: Maemo/MeeGo semantic social desktop

Ivan Frade is a spanish engineer who has been working in Nokia during the last two years on the Content FW of Maemo. He is a regular contributor in the Tracker project (a metadata store and indexer), and active member of the GNOME community. He has also been involved in different open source projects and giving presentations in different open source conferences.

Time and place:
Tuesday February 23, 2010 at 10:15 - 12:00, B119.

Maemo/MeeGo semantic social desktop

Maemo (now MeeGo) is a linux-based distribution designed to run in mobile devices. In Maemo there is a pack of components called "Content FrameWork" to gather, process and offer user metadata to application developers. The final goal of this framework is to LINK data from different sources. and to allow applications to SHARE data between them.

The big technology ingredients of this framework come from the Semantic Web world: ontologies (Nepomuk), triplets (RDF) and query languages (SparQL). All this research-based pieces solve part of the problem but also open new challenges when applied in a real world product.

In this talk, I'll introduce Content FW, its next future plans, its relation with open source and community, and some technical details about it (specially about the Nepomuk set of ontologies). This talk can be interesting for researchers in the Semantic Web domain, students interested on mobile platforms, open source contribution or the future of the Desktop computer (in our humble opinion).

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