11 Mar 12:00 Kimmo Rouhiainen: A Comparison of Java Enterprise Edition and .NET Framework for ERP Web Development

11.3.2010 at 12 o'clock Kimmo Rouhiainen from Digia oy will present his
Master's thesis on a topic

A Comparison of Java Enterprise Edition and .NET Framework for ERP Web

at Spektri, 3rd floor.


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Andrei Gurtov gurtov@hiit.fi http://www.hiit.fi/~gurtov
Principal Scientist, PhD
Helsinki Institute for Information Technology (HIIT)

During the last decade we have seen a tremendous development in Web
technologies, Internet and e-commerce which has created a need to move
parts of Enterprise Resource Planning systems (ERP) to the Web as well.
ERPs are large and complex systems that have been years under
development, often with older technologies and architectures. So the
best choice for them is often to use a new technology to create the Web
tier on top of the old architecture. In earlier research there are few
extensive comparisons of the enterprise application platforms that
consider all aspects of application development, especially from the ERP
Web development perspective. This thesis aims to lay some groundwork for
addressing this problem domain through an example case study with Digia
Enterprise ERP from Digia Plc and to provide information to help Digia
with the technology choice. The two leading enterprise application
platforms, .NET Framework and Java Enterprise Edition, are compared for
Web development in the specic case of building a Web tier over an
existing ERP made with another technology. Moreover, the comparison is
done especially for the Digia Enterprise. First the special requirements
of ERP and Web development are presented and a set of possible criteria
for the platform comparison are gathered from other available research.
Next the selected case and the most relevant comparison criteria are
presented. The actual comparison is made according to each selected
criteria, using results of earlier research and by analyzing the
suitability of the platforms. For some parts no earlier related research
and trustworthy comparisons were found or the results were otherwise
inconclusive. Still both platforms were found suitable for the evaluated
use and it was considered that the choice should mostly depend on the
requirements of every particular case.

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