19 Mar 12:00 Jan Gröndahl: Implementation and evaluation of a network element control protocol

Jan Gröndahl will defend his Master's thesis 19.3 at 1200 at Spektri 3rd floor. The topic is "IMPLEMENTATION AND EVALUATION OF A NETWORK ELEMENT CONTROL PROTOCOL"


The number of users in the Internet and computers connected to it has been growing fast. Scalability and robustness of the network are rising their importance.

The traditional core network will not be enough in the future, so new solutions must be considered that will serve better the needs of the future Internet and the growing amount of network traffic. Ethernet transport networks, architectures of networking (ETNA) project is trying to find a solution to this problem by analyzing, designing and validating future metro and core networks based on Ethernet technology.

During the project there have been made solutions that have been xed up and implemented by partners from universities and notable telecommunications companies and operators.

In the Helsinki University of Technology (TKK), we have implemented a portion of a working demonstration of core network based on Ethernet transport. We are using generally known protocols for packet transport and tunnel operations adapted to fit our implementation. In our network model, a network element can be divided to a control element and a forwarding element. Our task has been designing and implementing the control element part and the Ben Gurion University of the Negev (BGU) has been responsible of desinging and implementing the forwarding
element side. Both implementations have been integrated together and there has been shown a demonstration of the new together developed core network model.

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