16 Apr 10:15 Enrique Garcia:

HIIT seminar, Friday Apr 16, 10:15 a.m. (coffee from 10), Exactum B222

Dr. Enrique Garcia
Department of Computer Science
University of Helsinki

The talk will consist of three parts, depending on time. It is about work very much in progress, and no attempt will be made to report any new results at this time.

First, I will discuss a conjecture pertaining to an extension of Grötzsch's theorem for which we have sought, computationally, counterexamples/evidence of its validity. It involves the notion of the color space of a graph. This notion leads naturally to some coloring algorithms which will be discussed next in the context of trying to describe interesting classes of graphs which one might be able to color effectively using these algorithms.

Finally, if time allows, I will talk briefly about unit distance graphs and a computational problem pertaining to unit distance graphs which might be of interest to the audience.

This work is joint work with Tommy R. Jensen. 

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