5 May 14:00 Risto Sarvas: Future Domestic Photography: From Snapshots to Social Media

Wednesday 5.5. 14:00-15:00 (NOTE THE TIME), Spektri 3rd Floor Seminar Room

Dr. Risto Sarvas
Self-Made Media Research Group

"Future Domestic Photography: From Snapshots to Social Media"

Domestic photography has traditionally been about social ties, group membership, and preserving memories. Has all this changed now that we have digital cameras, social networking, and camera phones? No. The social functions have more or less remained the same throughout the history of domestic photography. In this talk I will take a look at this 170 year history focusing on the intertwined relationships between business incentives, photography technology, and user practices. I will discuss the social functions but also the role of business models and commecial incentives in shaping technology and people's practices.

Risto is a research scientist and the leader of the Self-Made Media Group at HIIT. He got his doctorate from TKK in 2006 and the title of his thesis was "Designing User-Centric Metadata for Digital Snapshot Photography". Ever since he has been trying to understand domestic photography. An engineer at heart, his knee reflex is always to think in terms of technology. However, as he digs deeper into the elements surrounding technology he has become aware that society strongly shapes what engineers create. He has started to believe that engineering should be listed under social sciences rather than natural sciences.  

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