Data Aggregation: Balancing Delay and Communication Costs

Lecturer : 
Lauri Ahlroth
Event type: 
HIIT seminar
Event time: 
2010-10-18 13:15 to 14:45
Otaniemi, Computer Science Building, Hall T1

Our next speaker for HIIT Otaniemi seminar series is Lauri Ahlroth from the "Combinatorial Algorithms and Computation" group. Before this talk, Prof. Pekka Orponen will give a short overview on the research areas of the group.

All ICS@Aalto researchers are also warmly welcome to attend the seminar!

HIIT seminar Otaniemi, Monday October 18, 13:15
Location: Computer Science building, hall T1 (!!! Please note that seminar has been moved to hall T1 for this week. !!!)

Lauri Ahlroth
Helsinki Institute for Information Technology HIIT
Department of Information and Computer Science
Aalto University School of Science and Technology

Data Aggregation: Balancing Delay and Communication Costs

Making a choice between waiting and taking action is a fundamental and often a nontrivial problem. Action is usually preceded by initialization costs, which suggests postponing action and combining many similar events together. On the other hand, there are usually delay costs attached to postponing action. Both of these two costs cannot be minimized simultaneously, and minimizing the sum leads to difficult combinatorial problems.

In this talk, we introduce a data aggregation model with a hierarchical structure on the initialization costs. We also present new results related to our recently submitted manuscript 'Centralized Algorithms for Data Aggregation in Tree Networks'.


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