CHI2011 workshop on Appropriation and Creative Use

Tue, 07.12.2010

UIx will co-organize a workshop at upcoming CHI2011 conference: "Appropriation and Creative Use: Linking User Studies with Design":

Sunday 8 May 2011, Vancouver, Canada

End users of technology have a significant power in determining how technologies are used, adapted and re-purposed. Over the years, two communities – designers and user researchers – have been working on these topics but have had limited interaction with each other. This workshop provides a forum for the two to meet.

We invite 2-4 page submissions in ACM Ext. Abstracts format by 14 January 2011. Topics of interest include, but are not limited to:

  * user research methods that are suitable for gaining understanding about
    different forms of appropriation
  * theories and conceptualizations of how appropriations take place, how
    different factors play part in them, and how they can be affected by design choices
  * design principles that support appropriation
  * approaches that link theories and concepts with design
  * critical viewpoints on the prevailing appropriation-related design and
    research practice

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