Primal-dual algorithms for distributed optimization

Lecturer : 
André Schumacher
Event type: 
HIIT seminar
Event time: 
2011-02-18 10:15 to 11:00
Kumpula Exactum C222
Talk announcement:
HIIT Seminar Kumpula, Friday Feb 18 10:15, Exactum C222

André Schumacher
Aalto University

Primal-dual algorithms for distributed optimization

Recently, it was discovered that some protocols for computer networks
can be seen as algorithms that implicitly solve an optimization problem,
which characterizes optimal states of the distributed system.
Many of these protocols can be modeled as algorithms that simultaneously
solve a pair of primal and dual problems. The underlying "locality by
duality" principle was already exploited to design distributed algorithms
for various optimization problems.

In this talk I will highlight the algorithmic ideas that form the basis
for distributed primal-dual algorithms. I will then give an example in
the form of an algorithm for the minimum-weight dominating-set
problem that was proposed as part of an algorithmic scheme for
lifetime maximization in wireless sensor networks. This second part
of the talk is based on joint research carried out at the Department of
Information and Computer Science of Aalto University School of Science.

André Schumacher received his doctoral degree from Aalto University
School of Science and Technology in 2010 and is currently a researcher
with the Distributed Computation group at the Department of
Information and Computer Science of Aalto University. His research
interests include distributed algorithms, approximation and online
algorithms, network optimization, as well as adhoc and sensor networks.

--Matti Järvisalo

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