FUGA EU project launch

Sat, 01.04.2006

1 Apr 2006 - The project FUGA - The fun of gaming: Measuring the human experience of media enjoyment was submitted to the NEST programme of the 6th Framework Programme of EU. After clearing technical evaluation and contract negotiations, the project was launched in April, 2006. The main objective of FUGA is to create novel methods and improve existing measures in order to examine how the different dimensions of Computer Game Experience can be assessed comprehensively with high temporal resolution. FUGA will employ a broad variety of innovative techniques based on (a) psychophysiological recordings, (b) functional magnetic resonance imagining (fMRI), (c) eye movement recordings, (d) the so-called (online) implicit association test, and (e) tracking of behavioural indicators of emotion and motivation. An important objective of FUGA is to establish the construct validity, reliability, and predictive validity of the different Game Experience measures. A further objective is to develop a prototype of an emotionally adaptive game. For more information, please contact Dr. Niklas Ravaja at Niklas.Ravaja(a)hkkk.fi.

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