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Researcher in the Social Interaction and Emotion / Ubiquitous Interaction research group of Helsinki Institute for Information Technology HIIT.

Post-graduate student at the Department of Social Research (Social Psychology), University of Helsinki and doctoral student at UCIT (Doctoral Program of User-centered information Technology hosted by University of Tampere).

The key area of my expertise is the psychology of online profiles, based on the psychology of self and identity. Self-presentation and impression management together with social norms are the central concepts of my current understanding of online profiles.

My research focuses on automated sharing of behavioral information in social network services. With automated sharing of behavior information the behavior that used to be private is now made visible to others. What kind of psychological and social psychological consequences these technologies induce? Music listening ( and Spotify), whereabouts (Foursquare and Facebook) and different kinds of social readers are examples of automated sharing of behavior information in social network sercives. 

Tutkin sosiaalista mediaa ja sosiaalisen median psykologisia ja sosiaalipsykologisia vaikutuksia. Erityisesti oman käyttäytymistiedon julkaiseminen sosiaalisen median yhteisöpalveluissa ja julkaisemiseen liittyvät psykologiset seuraukset ovat väitöskirjatyöni keskiössä. Palvelut kuten Facebook,, Foursquare ja Social Spotify julkaisevat käyttäjiensä käyttäytymistietoja toisille käyttäjille.

Keywords: online profiles, profile work, social network services, social media, social psychology, privacy, behavior, automated sharing, authenticity


Check out my latest article!

Uski, S. and Lampinen, A. (2014). Social norms and self-presentation on social network sites: Profile work in action. New Media & Society, July 17.


Earlier publications:

Vihavainen, S., Lampinen, A., Oulasvirta, A,. Silfverberg, S., Lehmuskallio, A. (2014). The clash of privacy and automation in social media. IEEE Pervasive Computing, 13(1): 56-63.

Tamminen, S., Raita, E., Lehtinen, V., Silfverberg, S. & Ravaja, N. (2012). Teknologian sosiaalipsykologinen tutkimus. Psykologia, 47(5-6): 410-422.

Tukkinen, P., Pohja, M., Segerståhl, K., Silfverberg, S., and Vuorimaa, P. (2012).”Supporting News Reading and Discovery Through Directed Onsite Information Sharing”. In Proceedings of the Eighth International Conference on Web Information Systems and Technologies (WEBIST), pp. 367-373.

Silfverbeg, S., Liikkanen., A.L. & Lampinen, A. (2011) “I’ll press play, but I won’t listen”: profile work in a music-focused social network service. CSCW ’11 Proceedings of the ACM 2011 conference on Computer supported cooperative work, March 19-23 Hangzhou, China.





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