Olli Pitkänen, senior researcher scientist

Olli Pitkänen


Olli Pitkänen
Title of Docent, D.Sc.(Tech), LL.M
Network SocietyDigital Content Communities (DCC)

Research Director at IPR University Center

Email: olli.pitkanen(a)hiit.fi

Mailing address:
HIIT, P.O.Box 15600, 00076 Aalto, Finland

Street address:
Open Innovation House, Otaniementie 19, Espoo

Phone: +358503019265


Present Activities

As a Research Director of IPR University Center, my job is to build bridges between scientific silos, i.e. to initiate and direct multidisciplinary, multi-university research projects in collaboration with the the six member universities of the institute: Aalto University, University of Helsinki, Hanken School of Economics, University of Turku, University of Lapland, and University of Eastern Finland. An example of these projects is IPR in New Value Creation, a Tekes funded multidisciplinary project in which Aalto, U of Helsinki, U of Turku and Hanken are participating, as well as FRII - Future Regulation of Industrial Internet, another Tekes funded project, including Aalto University, University of Lapland, and Hanken. 

At HIIT, I am especially concentrating on personal data and data protection issues related to future services. I am leading the Aalto part of a project called Digital Health Revolution (DHR2, Tekes Strategic Opening), 

Previously, I have participated in many research projects, like SPIRE - Smart Parking for Intelligent Real-Estate (Tekes), OtaSizzle - Ubiquitous Social Media for Urban Communities (MIDE), PatLim - Inner and Outer Limits of Patent Protection (the Academy of Finland), Data Protection in the Digitalizing Society (Emil Aaltonen Foundation), Social Publicity & Privacy (Emil Aaltonen Foundation), Possi - User-driven Publicity and Privacy in Mobile Online Social Interaction, DCM - Digital Content MarketingWireless Festival Eureka/Celtic project, MobiLife EU (IST-511607) project, Kasi – Future Information Security Trends, and MobileIPR.

I have given numerous lectures in various classes at Aalto University, Helsinki University of Technology, University of Helsinki, Lakimiesliiton koulutus, IIR Finland, etc.

I have a title of docent at Aalto School of Economics, Information Systems Science.

Research Interests

My research interests include:

Legal Issues: especially those related to information technology, for example, intellectual property rights (IPR) in software and content; digital rights management (DRM); privacy and data protection.

Information Technology: human-centric mobile and ubicomp services, future scenarios, ICT for development, ethical issues affected by ICT.


My list of publications is here.

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