01.11.2012: Several Postdoc / Research Associate positions in the Finnish Center of Excellence in Computational Inference

Tue, 30.10.2012

Keywords: Machine learning, computational statistics, Bayesian statistics, information-theoretic learning, satisfiability checking, proactive interfaces, computational biology

The Finnish Center of Excellence in Computational Inference Research (COIN), run by Aalto University, University of Helsinki, and Helsinki Institute for Information Technology HIIT, announces several new postdoc or research associate positions in Computational Inference. The objective of COIN is to push the boundaries of inference in the data-rich world of today and tomorrow, and the COIN consortium brings together several leading researchers in the relevant research areas.

Successful candidates will work on fundamental questions of inference and in applications in Intelligent Information Access, Computational Molecular Biology and Medicine, Computational History, Computational Climate, Computational Neuroscience or other directions yet to be determined. Applicants with suitable background in machine learning, mathematics, statistics, computational logic, combinatorial optimization or statistical physics are encouraged to apply.

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