24.11.2005: COMSOA project receives strategic TEKES funding

Thu, 24.11.2005

The National Technology Agency TEKES awarded two-year funding for the project Community Media and Service-Oriented Architecture (COMSOA), originally submitted to the call of strategic research projects in the ICT domain at end of June. The project will focus on basic phenomena of community media, i.e., systems that enable and support social creativity, participatory media, and distributed problem solving viewed through the possibilities offered by service-oriented computing (SOC), a new emerging cross-disciplinary paradigm that has risen to offer solutions to various challenges in large-scale distributed computing. The planned research research will consist of (1) in-depth case studies of selected community media services, (2) development of new methods and tools for dynamic community analysis and modeling, (3) demonstration of the benefits of service-oriented computing by building extensions to service platforms being developed at HIIT, most notably to Digital Content Distribution Management System DiMaS, and to ALVIS, an open super-peer search engine, and (4) development of novel community-centric methodology for product and service concept design. For more information, please contact the leader of the project, Dr. Marko Turpeinen.

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