31.8.2005: TKK receives donation from Technology Industries of Finland

Wed, 31.08.2005

The Centennary Fund of the Technology Industries of Finland has donated the Helsinki University of Technology 550 000 euros for a five-year research project on network society. The donation was published in an event held on 31.8.2005 at 9:30 where the chairman of the board of the fund, Dr. Matti Alahuhta, presented the donation to the rector of TKK, Prof. Matti Pursula.

The research will be carried out in the joint research centre of TKK and the University of Helsinki, the Helsinki Institute for Information Technology (HIIT). PhD Pekka Himanen has been nominated as the leader of the work. As one of the goals of the project is to increase the co-operation of universities, Dr. Himanen will also commence work at the University of Industrial Arts Helsinki as the Professor of Creative Economy and Philosophy. In addition, he will also work as Visiting Professor at the Oxford University, one of the partners of the research project.

Dr. Himanen is an internationally recognised researcher whose works have been translated in more than twenty languages. For his work, he has received the "Global Leader for Tomorrow" award from the World Economic Forum. Dr. Himanen participates in the 2020 process of the WEF that analyses the central long term developent paths of the global network society.

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