18.11.2004: InfraHIP receives TEKES funding

Thu, 18.11.2004

The National Technology Agency TEKES awarded first-year funding for the project InfraHIP: Infrastructure for HIP. The project aims to study the applications related aspects of the Host Identity Protocol (HIP), including APIs, rendezvous service, operating system security, multiple end-points within a single host, process migration, and issues related to enterprise-level solutions. The project is led by Professor Martti Mäntylä with Professor Antti Ylä-Jääski from the TML laboratory at TKK. Dr. Andrei Gurtov will work as the project manager. The industrial partners of the project are Nokia, Ericsson, Elisa and Finnish Defence Forces. The work will be executed in close co-operation with Prof. Scott Shenker and Prof. Ion Stoica from the University of California at Berkeley.

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